Tea Culture in Venezuela

Tea Culture in Venezuela

Venezuela consumes 0.05 lb of tea per capita per year.

The nation’s favorite tea is iced tea, especially in the coastal region of the country.

Venezuela is the 120th largest tea exporter in the world.

History of Tea in Venezuela

Green and Black tea varieties were never too popular in Venezuela.

The local people prefer mint, chamomile, valerian root, or yerba Luisa tea, and they mostly consume warm teas for medical reasons.

The yajé or ayahuasca tea ceremony is active in Venezuela since the pre-Colombian era, but this ritual is only held among indigenous people.

Tea Culture in Venezuela

Venezuelans drink ice tea with their meals, especially with their lunch.

A warm cup of tea is mostly consumed during flu season.

Loose-leaf and tea bags are both widely embraced across the country, although most of the population prefers black coffee.

The cities display modern tearooms where tourists and foreigners alike can indulge their senses with top-quality brews imported from India.

Venezuela itself has a low tea production and it’s for export purposes only.

The mountain regions of the country are known for home tea brewing of yerba Luisa, consumed with breakfast or/and around bedtime.

Special tours for the ancestral Ayahuasca tea ceremony are also available for tourists at a certain cost.

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