Your Guide On Tea Party Ideas For Adults

Your Guide On Tea Party Ideas For Adults

So, you want to throw a tea party but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place because we walk you through every step!

What Do You Do At A Tea Party For Adults?

Tea parties are often perceived as a foo-foo frilly affair that only girls and women enjoy.

Historically, adults have sat down together to enjoy tea in tea shops, in the parlor of their homes, and more formal settings at tea parties. Nothing has changed, and men today enjoy tea as much as they did back in the “old days.” 

Serve different teas and foods that appeal to your specific guest list. If you invite women only, pink decor and “frilly” foods and tea are a-ok.

For a guest list with mixed genders and cultures, spice things up with different teas that offer variety and foods that match the occasion. Themed tea parties make coming up with teas and foods so much easier!

What Is Usually Served At A Tea Party?

What Is Usually Served At A Tea Party

Tea parties for the mornings are typically more “breakfast” oriented with hot teas and scones or small pastries.

For events planned in the afternoon or evening, putting on the “Ritz” with afternoon or high tea is protocol in the way of teas and foods to plan for.

These tea times include everything from a wide array of teas, champagne, tea cocktails, scones, finger sandwiches, salads, quiches, and beautiful pastries and cakes.

The London Tube – A great tea and scone gift box to send to your guests for a virtual tea!

Planning An Adult Tea Party

Now we get down to the nitty-gritty planning of a tea party! Let’s see how you can make it fun, flawless, and fantastic for your guests.

Choose The Right Tea Time For A Party

When planning a tea party, a host typically chooses a style in which tea is to be served. The “style” becomes the foundation upon which the tea time itself comes to life.

Unfortunately, those of us who are not acquainted with tea time etiquette have no idea what “cream tea” or “afternoon tea” means. To us, it’s all “high tea” here in the U.S.

Choose The Right Tea Time For A Party

However, to plan a proper tea party, it helps to be familiar with the types of tea times and plan your party accordingly.

Technically, we are in the U.S., but when it comes to tea times, the English way of enjoying tea time is followed not only here in the U.S. but also worldwide. 

Tea time should never be stuffy or something only the upper class enjoys. It should be experienced in a way that is intentionally relaxing, light, and joyful. It’s a time to come together with others to enjoy conversation and human interaction. 

Let’s look at the difference in tea times and what each includes. Keep in mind there are no set rules in planning your own tea party!

Tea Times

The time of day usually dictates the type of tea time and also the teas and foods served. However, you are the host, so make it unique and personal and have fun with it. You can use these tea times as a guideline in planning your tea party.

Trying to decide what tea to serve with certain foods, or with a particular tea time? We have a few to get you off and going!

To Start Your Tea Time:

Tea Times for Tea Parties

Darjeeling Tea

To Accompany Scones:

White Peach

To Accompany Desserts:

Wildberry Hibiscus

Morning Tea Time: Cream Tea

Morning Cream Tea Time

Cream tea is a perfect tea time for the morning. It includes tea and scones served with clotted cream, jams, and marmalades. If you are planning an intimate morning affair for a few friends or a tea party with a lighter fare more geared for a simple breakfast or mid-morning refreshment, this would be ideal.

Cream Tea: tea, scones, clotted cream, jam

Afternoon Tea Time: Afternoon Tea 

Afternoon tea is a tea time set aside during the afternoon to enjoy light refreshments that include tea and scones with clotted cream and jams. Other food items such as petit fours, small cakes, and pastries or finger sandwiches are included. 

This tea time would be perfect for a tea party that accompanies book clubs, tea journey clubs, a small gathering for friends, a garden party, or for a party that isn’t centered on the serving of heavy foods. 

Late Afternoon Or Evening Tea Time: High Tea

Now we come to tea time, the pier de resistance if you want to provide a proper English tea for your guests.

For the English, high tea is their evening meal (supper or dinner to us.) For a “High Tea Party,” a robust menu of heavy foods that include salads, meats, soups, and desserts are included with various teas. 

High tea is often an occasion that most people dress up for; however, it can be as casual as you want; it’s your tea party!

Late Afternoon Or Evening High Tea Time

High tea party ideas for adults might include garden parties, an evening tea party, or a costume-themed tea party.

Have A Great Par-TEA!

Now it’s time to put our suggestion planning steps into action and get started with your tea party plans. The possibilities are endless with tea party ideas for adults. Make time to enjoy yourself at your tea party and let us know how it went.

After all, “It’s Never Not Tea Time!”

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