Tea Culture in the United States

Tea Culture in the United States

The US consumes half a pound of tea per capita per year.

The favorite tea of 84% of Americans is Black tea.

Almost 80% of all consumed tea in the US is iced.

History of Tea in the United States

Tea in America was introduced during the British colonization in the 1760s when the colonizers consumed over 1 million pounds of tea.

The first tea that arrived in this country was Green tea, and it was ingested together with potent liquors, in a form of a so-called ‘green punch’.

In the 20th century, the States developed an immense ice tea culture, and this fashion seems to be growing all the time.

Tea Culture in the United States

Although Americans prefer Black over Green tea, the first iced teas were prepared with Green tea.

Today, most Americans drink iced Black tea, but there are many people who also like a warm cup of Green or Oolong tea.

The specialized tea shops across the country are expanding their tea offer, and more and more bars, restaurants, and cafes add tea to their menus and even use teas in cocktails.

During the winter months, it’s common to drink warm tea, however, coffee is still the #1 morning beverage for most.

Americans like their tea sweet, but there are also unsweetened versions. They do not have a specific tea time but rather enjoy iced tea with food, at the gym, or at work.

Iced tea is even sold in bottles or cans, just like soda and it’s just one more refreshing beverage for Americans.

Whether iced or warm, tea plays a big part in American everyday life, especially during meals.

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