Tea Culture in the United Arab Emirates

Tea Culture in the United Arab Emirates

UAE consumes 1.60 lb of tea per capita per year.

Over 42,000 lbs of Black tea are consumed across the UAE daily.

UAE is the largest tea re-exporter worldwide, covering 60% of the global tea demand thanks to the perfect geographical location between the East and the West.

History of Tea in UAE

Most of the tea in the UAE came from India centuries ago. People in the Emirates prefer tea over coffee, meaning that this non-alcoholic beverage’s importance is almost the same as drinking water.

The tea tradition spread fast across the UAE and its flavor varies between different regions, depending on the taste.

Black tea was the first imported tea here and it remains the all-time favorite among the local population.

Tea Culture in UAE

Arab people drink tea all day, every day. The favorite tea in the Emirates is known as Karak.

Karak is a loose-leaf Black tea with evaporated milk, crushed cardamom, saffron, and sugar.

It has an overwhelming aroma and specific color, boasting high caffeine levels.

Karak tea is sold everywhere across the Emirates and it’s definitely more popular than coffee.

Offering a cup of tea to guests and visitors of shops, businesses, and private homes is a common sight in UAE and is considered the highest form of welcoming gesture.

Each pound of loose-leaf tea that gets exported from Dubai (the main trading port in UAE) to the rest of the world contains around 2,000 hand-picked leaves.

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