Tea Culture in the Czech Republic

Tea Culture in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic consumes 0.63 lb of tea per capita per year, which ranks the country among the top five European tea consumers.

Czech people love fruit-infused tea, while Green tea is the next favorite non-alcoholic beverage in the country.

Tea houses in Prague serve over 100 varieties of tea, but in some tea houses, visitors can also find coffee, vine, and of course, Czech beer.

History of Tea in the Czech Republic

Tea arrived in the Czech Republic centuries ago when the Dutch East India Company started importing tea to Europe.

It was not as popular as it is today, but people always had an appreciation for its medicinal uses.

The first tea house in Prague was opened in 1908.

Although the Czech people mostly export beer, they are also producing 728 of tea per year, mainly exporting to other European countries.

Tea Culture in the Czech Republic

Tea plays an important role in Czech social life. People love visiting tea houses with their friends and enjoying a cup of warm fruit tea.

Czech people like their tea with lemon or plain. Some like to add milk and honey to it, usually, the people who drink Black or Green tea.

Fruit teas are consumed plain as they provide a strong fruity punch and irresistible aroma.

Tea in the Czech Republic is equally present in people’s homes as in the tea houses in the cities. The most traditional tea they have is Baked Fruit Tea, made of (of course) baked fruits.

Baked Fruit Tea

Baked chunks of apples, oranges, and berries steeped with lemon, cloves, and cinnamon for an otherworldly tea experience.

This tea is a trademark of the Czech Republic and it’s usually found in rural homes that produce their own fruits and convert them into tea supplies.

Adults like to add a splash of rum into this tea, especially during winter.

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