Tea Culture in Taiwan

Tea Culture in Taiwan

Taiwan consumes 0.7 lb of tea per capita per year.

The island’s favorite tea is Oolong tea which is also locally produced.

Dong Ding Oolong is the most wanted tea by the Taiwanese, boasting roasted flavor and medium oxidation leaves.

History of Tea in Taiwan

Tea in Taiwan was introduced in the 18th century by Chinese tea farmers who were looking to expand their tea production.

They found the climate of Taiwan most suitable for Oolong tea growth, so they trained the local farmers to cultivate and harvest the Camellia Sinensis tea bushes.

Soon after the Taiwanese farmers started growing tea, this became the main exporting commodity.

Tea Culture in Taiwan

Although Oolong tea is the number one and worldwide known tea produced in Taiwan, the island is also popular for top-quality Green and Black tea.

However, the main tea farms around Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, are now replaced with coffee plantations as the coffee culture increased throughout the years.

Nevertheless, tea is still a widely spread drink in the island country, especially among the younger generations.

Although the traditional tea houses don’t exist anymore, there are bubble tea houses on every corner.

Taiwanese Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a unique Taiwanese invention, which is the main reason why tea farms on the island are still operating.

The delicious beverage is basically a tea with milk and sugar and tiny balls (bubbles) made from different edible materials like fruit jelly, tapioca, or cassava starch.

Bubble tea is also known as ‘Black pearl tea’ and ‘boba tea’.

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