Tea Culture in Serbia

Tea Culture in Serbia

Serbia consumes 0.2 lb of tea per capita per year.

The nation’s most traditional teas are locally grown thyme, yarrow, and winter savory.

Asian blends such as Green tea, Black tea, Oolong, White tea, and Rooibos can be purchased in specialized tea stores in Belgrade (the capital) and in tea rooms around the city.

History of Tea in Serbia

There’s a legend about a Serbian warrior named Hajduk after whom the hajdučka trava (yarrow) herb was named. He was applying this herb to his wounds and healed completely which is why this plant became so popular among the local people.

Rtanjski čaj (mountain savory) is another epic tea, growing only on Mount Rtanj, a pyramid-shaped mountain in Eastern Serbia, aiding respiratory illnesses.

Asian teas such as Green and Black arrived in Serbia with the development of the trading routes centuries ago.

Tea Culture in Serbia

Tea in Serbia is treated as a medicinal-value beverage and it’s mostly consumed for healing purposes.

Drying tea bundles can still be seen in the countryside where the local tea herbs grow.

However, in the last decade, Oolong and other Green tea varieties are taking over the market, creating a unique tea culture admired mostly by the younger generation.

Inviting a friend over for a cup of tea is not as common in this Balkan country, but people definitely know how to enjoy a warm cuppa during the winter months.

Honey and lime are often added to tea in Serbia, while a splash of rum or local liquor is also common for adults.

Wild-apple tea is another tea variety of organic origin, entirely produced in Serbia.

Combining this tea with an apple strudel is absolute aromatic bliss.

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