Tea Culture in Saudi Arabia

Tea Culture in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia consumes almost 2 lb of tea per capita per year.

The favorite tea in the kingdom is Black tea and it is the highest form of hospitality.

As the second-largest retail tea market, Saudi Arabia exports tea to all the countries of the Middle East, as well as the United States.

History of Tea in Saudi Arabia

The first traces of tea in Saudi Arabia is dating back to the 8th century AD when the Chinese started trading with the Middle East, including the Arabian Peninsula.

It didn’t take a long time until the local people start massively using Black tea for multiple reasons, including tiredness, lack of energy, refreshing the spirit, or showing hospitality.

Although coffee is the all-time favorite beverage of the Arab people, tea fought its way through the centuries and it is present in every pore of Saudi Arabia’s society.

Tea Culture in Saudi Arabia

Black tea is offered to every visitor or tourist alike entering a local home or a store.

Tea drinking is a common sight anywhere from business meetings to friend gatherings.

The most common variant of Arabic tea is brewed with sugar, however, it’s also common to add cardamom or mint. A dash of milk is optional, but not preferred by many.

The tea is served in glass cups, similar to the ones in Turkey.

When visiting a friend’s home, it is obligatory to have a cup of tea with the hosts.

Drinking tea in Saudi Arabia extends throughout the day, and it’s common to start the day with a cup of strong, freshly brewed black tea over breakfast.

The is also served after lunch and with dinner.

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