Tea Culture in Poland

Tea Culture in Poland

Poland consumes 2.2 lb of tea per capita per year.

Over 27% percent of people in Poland drink Black tea which is the favorite choice of this nation.

Polish people drink tea before, during, and after meals, keeping a safe spot on the top ten global tea-drinking lists.

History of Tea in Poland

The first records of tea in Poland date back to the 17th century and King Jan Kazimierz. His French wife, Marie Louise, taught him how to brew tea, so the tea journey in Poland started at that time.

Later on, the medicinal properties of Black tea started getting more attention from the local population and the demand increased rapidly.

Low-income families were serving tea to their wedding guests instead of champagne and the herbal beverage soon became the most popular national drink in Poland.

It was firstly brewed in samovars, but then it became so common that in the early 20th century people started brewing tea in kettles.

Tea Culture in Poland

Since the beginning of the 20th century, tea became more popular than coffee mostly because it was ready to brew, unlike the raw coffee that required roasting.

Today, people in Poland drink tea from dusk ’till dawn and they literally consume it before, during, and after every meal.

Tea in Poland is served with lemon and rarely with milk. Many people prefer their tea cold during the summer months.

Traditionally, it is served in transparent glasses so the consumers can admire the tea color and judge its strength.

Black tea is brewed in every home, every day, all day. However, it’s also common to have tea in a teahouse or a coffee shop.

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