Tea Culture in Panama

Tea Culture in Panama

Panama consumes 0.6 lb of tea per capita per year.

This Central American country imports Black and Green tea from China, Sri Lanka, India, and South Africa.

Although Panamanians don’t produce their own tea, they do have a developed taste for Asian teas, consuming them warm and as iced Bubble tea.

History of Tea in Panama

The Panama Canal is one of the largest ports in the world which means that importing goods from all around the world, including tea, exists since 1904.

Ever since the first Camellia Sinensis teas arrived in the country, people incorporated the tea-drinking habit into their lives.

Although seco and rum are the all-time favorites of Panamanians and tourists alike, this country also has a vivid non-alcoholic beverage scene.

Tea Culture in Panama

Connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean while diving North and South America, Panama is home to spectacular tea shops and tea rooms where people from around the world can find their favorite loose leaf teas.

Anything from Oolong, Assam, and Rooibos to herbal and fruit-infused tisanes can be found in the majestic Panama City.

Depending on the taste, Panamanians mostly drink warm Black tea while there are people who prefer Bubble tea, especially during high temperatures.

Bubble tea in Panama is mostly sold in Asian tea shops, boasting an authentic Gong Cha experience.

The popularity of loose leaf teas in Panama is constantly growing due to the high number of immigrants in the country.

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