Tea Culture in Moldova

Tea Culture in Moldova

Moldova consumes 0.05 lb of tea per capita per year.

Mint, chamomile, and lime-flavored teas are the most popular in the country.

90% of Moldovans drink Black, Green, and Oolong tea on regular basis.

History of Tea in Moldova

First Asian teas were introduced into the country in the late 19th century, thanks to the local traders who were importing goods from China.

The very first tea variety to arrive in Moldova was Green tea. Local people then made their own version of it by adding dry mint leaves to the blend.

Moldova imports most of the tea that the country consumes, except the local herbs such as chamomile and mint.

Tea Culture in Moldova

Moldovans drink Mint, Green, or Chamomile tea and they brew it mostly at home.

Adding sugar to tea is optional, but they almost always add nut rolls to their tea time menu.

Tea is mostly popular during winter months, while some people enjoy a warm cuppa in the summer as well.

Chisinau, the capital, is packed with tea houses, displaying many varieties of Green, Black, Oolong, Rooibos, and Ceylon teas.

Local people prefer a cup of tea in the morning over coffee.

Chamomile tea is usually consumed around bedtime as it provides nerve-soothing properties.

Moldovans use loose leaf tea as well as tea bags to prepare their favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

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