Tea Culture in Malaysia

Tea Culture in Malaysia

Malaysia consumes 1.6 lb of tea per capita per year.

The favorite tea of the nation is Teh tarik (Black tea) and all types of Chinese teas, including green and white.

Teh tarik or ‘pulled tea’ is a loose-leaf tea, affordable for all social classes and commonly consumed in tea houses around Malaysia.

History of Tea in Malaysia

Tea has been widely spread in Malaysia for centuries and it was first introduced to the country by Chinese traders.

Strong Black tea with a lot of sugar and milk is the most common beverage nationwide.

Teh tarik became famous after WW II and it is consumed by all ethnic groups.

Tea Culture in Malaysia

Tea in Malaysia is prepared by pouring sweet condensed milk into the hot Black tea and adding a splash of milk. Then, all the ingredients are poured from one cup to another until foam is created. The tea is more delicious with more foam.

Teh tarik is served hot or cold and most of the people go to kopitiams, (the local name for tea houses) to have a cup or two with their friends.

Tea in Malaysia is served in glasses which also allows consumers to admire the exquisite color of the delicious frothy beverage.

Teh tarik is a symbol of hospitality and friendship and it’s common to be offered a cup when first entering someone’s house or a business.

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