Tea Culture in Lithuania

Tea Culture in Lithuania

Lithuania consumes 1 lb of tea per capita per year.

Tea is considered a basic commodity for most Lithuanians who love starting the day with a freshly brewed infusion.

Black tea in Lithuania is imported from India and Sri Lanka while the Green tea varieties come mostly from China.

History of Tea in Lithuania

Lithuanian tea culture is heavily influenced by Russian tea traditions where it got the first Black tea from centuries ago.

Herbal tea blends are part of the country’s tea culture way before the arrival of Black tea, however, today all tea varieties have the same popularity, depending on the consumer’s taste.

Tea in Lithuania plays a vital role in social life, especially during the harsh winter months.

Tea Culture in Lithuania

Lithuanians drink Black tea with sugar and no milk.

Over half of the population in the country consumes tea with breakfast instead of coffee.

Tea houses are popular gathering spots for Lithuanians, although most of the people brew their tea at home.

Above 20% of Lithuanians drink three cups of tea per day while the rest stick to the morning tea only.

Herbal tisanes are a crucial part of Lithuanian tea culture and they are used as remedies, especially among the elderly.

Tree cake, Honey cake, or Lazy cake are the typical Lithuanian desserts served with tea.

Lithuania produces different tea varieties, but mostly native herbal blends.

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