Tea Culture in Jamaica

Tea Culture in Jamaica

Jamaica consumes 0.03 lb of tea per capita per year.

Tea is so popular on the island that they call every hot drink ‘tea’, including coffee, hot milk, and hot chocolate.

Mint tea is the most popular tea in Jamaica and it’s mostly served with breakfast.

History of Tea in Jamaica

Jamaicans drink tea since the beginning of time, and they mostly consume their local herbs.

Besides mint tea, soursop leaves and dandelion are the next must-ingest medicinal infusions.

The history of tea in Jamaica dates back to the island’s native inhabitants, the Arawaks.

Green tea was imported in the 1900s but was rejected by the local population.

Today, however, Dragon Well is one of the most common green teas on the island.

Tea Culture in Jamaica

Jamaicans drink tea at home and they always offer a cup of warm infusion to a guest.

The island only produces local herbs and bushes used to make tea, while the Green tea is imported.

Eating a snack with tea is a common thing in Jamaica, while some also like to spice it up with a slice of ginger or a splash of Jamaican rum.

The local mint tea is always served hot and with sugar.

Finding a top-quality loose-leaf tea is a challenge here, but tea enthusiasts can always go for some of the extraordinary local herbal options.

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