Tea Culture in Israel

Tea Culture in Israel

Israel consumes 0.45 lb of tea per capita per year.

Herbal blends are an absolute winning combination among Israeli people, preferred much more than loose leaf teas.

The superstar tea of all times here is spearmint, but the locals also like mint, lemon verbena, sage, and lemongrass flavors.

History of Tea in Israel

Israeli tea culture dates back to the 3rd century B.C. when many tea and spice routes were crossing the territories of the country.

The tradition here is heavily influenced by Morrocan as well as Persian practices.

Tea-selling street stands can be seen even today around the country where dried hibiscus and cinnamon are sold by weight.

Tea Culture in Israel

Besides being fans of flavorful herbal infusions, Israeli people like their tea sweet and creamy, so the taste of it resembles a dessert itself.

Nevertheless, the sweet tooth of the locals is additionally triggered by the traditional tea time cookie called Ma’amouls.

A superb shortbread-type cookie made of locally grown dates, Ma’amouls is perfect with tea or coffee.

When the Israelis crave a stronger tea, they mix Black tea with their herb of choice, usually spearmint or mint combinations.

White, green, jasmine and oolong teas are also available for people who prefer distinct flavors, however, only around 35% of Isrealis prefer tea over coffee.

The traditional tea time in the country avaialble in all international hotels around Israel is between 4-6 p.m.

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