Tea Culture in Hungary

Tea Culture in Hungary

Hungary consumes 0.4 lb of tea per capita per year.

Over 82% of Hungarian households buy tea on regular basis.

Herbal and fruit tea varieties are most popular in this country, especially among the younger generation.

History of Tea in Hungary

Hungary is popular for its unique, locally-grown chamomile tea, also known as the Hungarian Gold.

The country is one of the leading tea producers and exporters in the region, boasting a notable tea production of 100 tonnes per year.

Tea in Hungary has been part of social life for centuries and its popularity keeps growing nowadays.

Tea Culture in Hungary

Tea is a huge part of Hungarian everyday life. More than drinking tea at home, Hungarians love having delicious herbal tea in a tea house.

The growing trend of friends meeting for tea instead of coffee is penetrating every pore of the modern society of this European country, increasing the demand not only for chamomile tea but also for different varieties of Black and Green teas.

Hungarians like plain tea, and they mostly consume it during wintertime.

Some people prefer tea with their breakfast while others enjoy soothing chamomile tea before bedtime.

In the cities, people usually consume tea bags while in the countryside the locals grow, harvest, and dry their own herbs.

Tea in Hungary is usually consumed alongside tea biscuits or cakes.

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