Tea Culture in Guatemala

Tea Culture in Guatemala

Guatemala consumes 0.07 lb of tea per capita per year.

The Latin American country boasts top-quality Black tea plantations at 4,300 ft of altitude.

The biggest part of Guatemalan tea production ends up in the US market.

History of Tea in Guatemala

Tea in Guatemala exists since forever and it was part of the Mayan culture.

Growing close to secret caves where Mayan rituals are held still today, the tea farms were introduced by German tea enthusiasts.

Today, Guatemala produces 0.01% of all the tea in the world.

Tea Culture in Guatemala

Although Guatemala is mostly a coffee-loving country, they have a unique tea culture.

As the country produces Black tea, it’s logical that it’s the tea they mostly drink.

Tea in Guatemala can be ordered in most of local restaurants and cafes, and it’s consumed with sugar.

Mostly popular among visitors and tourists alike, Black tea is taking over the market slowly but surely.

The Mayan rituals in the secret caves close to the Black tea plantations are a perfect spot for visitors to learn more about the local culture and visit the organic farms.

Sharing a cup of tea with a friend is a common tea in Guatemala, especially among people who don’t like coffee.

The annual Black tea production in Guatemala is 740 tonnes.

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