Tea Culture in Colombia

Tea Culture in Colombia

Colombia consumes 0.02 lb of tea per capita per year.

Tea in Colombia is grown at 6,000 ft in the Andes Mountains.

Grown in rich, volcanic soil, this Latin American country boasts spectacular production of Black, Green, Chai, Coconut, and Cacao tea varieties.

History of Tea in Colombia

Tea production in Colombia started in 1954 when the government imported tea trees from Brazil.

The first Black and Green tea plantations were in Don Joaquin Llano.

Today, Colombia produces 15 metric tonnes of dry tea per year.

Tea Culture in Colombia

Colombian people are famous for drinking a lot of coffee, while tea is a relatively new culture in the Caribbean country.

The high production of premium-quality loose leaf teas is mostly for export purposes, but some part of it is destined for the local market.

Black, Verde (Green), and Andean Breakfast are the top three preferred teas of the local people.

Colombians like their Black tea plain and with a lot of sugar.

Tea houses and tearooms can be spotted in the large cities, while in the rest st of the country people brew their tea at home, just like they do with the coffee.

Other popular tea varieties consumed in Colombia are mint, chamomile, and yerba Luisa.

Tres Leches is a traditional Colombian cake made with three types of milk, usually served with tea or coffee.

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