Tea Culture in Canada

Canada consumes 1.2 lb of tea per capita per year.

48% of Canadians prefer plain Black tea, while herbal, Earl Grey, and Green tea are the next on the list of most consumed teas.

Darjeeling, Assam, and Ceylon are the most popular black tea varieties in the North American country.

History of Tea in Canada

Tea in Canada was introduced by both, English and French settlers who brought their traditions with them.

Although unknown to many people, it was actually a Canadian invention to pre-blend and pre-pack teas to facilitate transportation. Theodore Harding Estabrook was the Canadian who came up with this idea that contributed to the global tea preservation and shipment.

The famous London Fog or vanilla Earl Grey tea is also a Canadian invention.

The first tea arrived in Canada in 1716 by the Hudson Bay Company.

Tea Culture in Canada

Tea in Canada is imported from Kenya, Sri Lanka, and India, and then the loose leaves are processed and packed as a blend called Canadian Breakfast.

Canadians enjoy drinking tea first thing in the morning and many of them prefer strong Black tea over coffee.

Over 85% of Canadians drink tea at home while one-third of adults also prefer the hot beverage when visiting a friend’s place.

While a cup of tea can also be ordered and cafes and restaurants, the Canadian tea tradition is mostly an at-home practice.

The tea trend in Canada has grown in the last couple of years and it’s widely spread among all generations.

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