Tea Culture in Cambodia

Tea Culture in Cambodia

Cambodia consumes 0.2 lb of tea per capita per year.

Jasmine is the favorite tea flavor in the country, while Green tea and Lemongrass follow right behind.

Tea in Cambodia is embedded in every pore of the society, and they even add tea to the coffee.

History of Tea in Cambodia

Tea in Cambodia arrived from China centuries ago. Cambodians export small amounts of tea, and they keep most of their production for local consumption.

Besides having the introduced Camellia Sinensis plants, Cambodians cultivate their local plants such as Jasmine, Lemongrass, and Lotus flowers, all used for tea infusions way before the Green tea.

Tea Culture in Cambodia

Cambodians love tea in any possible variant. They even pour Jasmine tea into their coffee to refresh the strong flavor.

Tea and coffee are sold literally on every corner, especially in the cities.

Locals love bubble tea which is served cold, but there are also hot tea versions, mostly Jasmine/Green tea blends.

Tea in Cambodia is served with food and most of the time is free of charge.

It’s the nation’s most iconic beverage enjoyed in the morning, as well as at any available moment of the day.

Cambodians consume tea in tea houses, street carts, or at home and they always invite their guests for a cup of tea.

Hot Jasmine tea is often poured over ice cubes to help consumers cool down and adapt to the humid air in the country.

Jasmine tea in Cambodia is served with sugar, while their Bubble tea also includes a splash of milk.

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