Tea Culture in Burkina Faso

Tea Culture in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso consumes 0.2 lb of tea per capita per year.

The country’s favorite is Hibscus tea with strawberry and fresh mint leaves.

Burkina Faso is too dry and hot for tea production, but it’s quite famous for its Hibiscus and Moringa tea quality.

History of Tea in Burkina Faso

The turbulent history of this small landlocked African country displays multiple unfortunate events and a lack of economic development.

However, as everywhere else in the world, tea here had arrived from Asia, including Black teas such as Assam and Ceylon tea.

Nevertheless, due to the scarce supply of Asian teas, the locals make the most out of the abundant Hibiscus and Moringa plants.

Tea Culture in Burkina Faso

The fact that this country produces Moringa and Hibiscus teas is speaking a lot of the nation’s potent tea culture and their need for a unique infusion.

Drinking Moringa tea in Burkina Faso is more than a way of life because they use it to purify their drinking water.

The lack of clean water led people to find a practical solution of mixing Moringa into the water and boiling it.

Besides drinking tea out of necessity, the local people also have an extraordinary custom of drinking HIbiscus tea with strawberries and mint leaves.

Served alongside their epic fat rice (chicken and tomato rice), the iced tea is a true bliss of flavors and refreshing notes.

Tea in Burkina Faso is served at people’s homes and also in restaurants, and it’s common to drink it with every meal.

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