Tea Culture in Brunei

Tea Culture in Brunei

Brunei consumes 2 lb of tea per capita per year.

Ceylon Tea has been the local top choice since ancient times, while some people also like herbal infusions.

Gong Cha is a typical beverage in Brunei, heavily influenced by the Chinese tea culture.

History of Tea in Brunei

Tea in Brunei has existed since always, thanks to the strong Chinese influence.

Gong Cha is the most special non-alcoholic beverage that was gifted to the Chinese Emperor thousands of years ago, and understandably, tea fascination spread to other parts of Asia, including Brunei.

Brunei imports most of its Black tea from China, while there are also some local farmers who cultivate their own Camellia Sinensis plants.

Tea Culture in Brunei

Gong Cha is the most common tea that you can spot in Brunei, prepared with strong Ceylon Tea or other Black tea variant and tapioca balls, poured over ice.

The majority of people in Brunei prefer iced over hot tea, and they even like it better than coffee.

Tea in Brunei is sold on each corner, in coffee shops, roadside carts, and restaurants.

Gong Cha is usually fairly sweetened and it contains a splash of milk as well.

People in Brunei like to drink tea while eating, and their most popular dish is Nasi Katok (rice, fried chicken, and sombai sauce).

Despite the tea-loving culture of Brunei, their national beverage is rice wine.

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