Tea Culture in Bangladesh

Tea Culture in Bangladesh

Bangladesh consumes 1.3 lb of tea per capita per year, which is around 300 cups.

The country is the 10th largest tea exporter globally, boasting over 160 active tea plantations of Black tea.

Assam is the most common tea variety in Bangladesh, while some people also like ginger-infused tea.

History of Tea in Bangladesh

Black tea was introduced to Bengal during the British colonization during the 1800s. It rapidly became the nation’s favorite beverage, although the Bengalis have had tea connections to China much before the arrival of the Brits.

However, the mass tea production in Bangladesh started due to the high demand in the western world, and nowadays over 4 million people work on the tea plantations, of which 75% are women.

Tea Culture in Bangladesh

Tea in Bangladesh is much more than a warm beverage. It is a symbol of kindness and friendship offered to everyone who enters a home or a business.

Bangladesh doesn’t have a specific tea time. People drink tea whenever they feel they need a break or a time to relax.

The most common way to drink tea here is Tong Cha.

Tong Cha is Black tea sold commonly on the streets of every city, affordable for any social class.

Tea in Bangladesh is served in awe-inspiring crafted mud cups or in ceramic ones.

A lot of people like to drink milk tea which is basically half a cup of milk, half a cup of Assam tea, and lots of sugar.

Tandoori tea is another beverage that the Bengalis like to sip and it’s basically a milk tea served in clay cups (kulhad), prepared in a burnt clay pot. The hot clay mugs add a specific burnt taste to the tea, especially beloved by the younger generations.

Finally, ginger-infused loose-leaf tea is one more on the list of preferred teas in Bangladesh.

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