Why Is Lemon Verbena Tea Good for You

Why Is Lemon Verbena Tea Good for You?

What are the properties of lemon verbena?

Lemon verbena is a plant with multiple medicinal uses due to its numerous benefits for human health. That is why this herb has been used since time immemorial to combat various conditions, both externally and internally.

So, in Itsnevernotteatime we want you to know all about the properties of lemon verbena and get the most out of it. Are you ready to find out its properties?

Lemon Verbena Tea Good for You

Which Parts of Lemon Verbena Can You Use?

First, before going deeper into the benefits of lemon verbena, it is important to note that the parts that take advantage of verbena are mainly the flowers, the leaves, and the root, although the latter to a lesser extent.

Likewise, this medicinal herb is used both internally – as an infusion or herbal tea – and externally, as a poultice.

The Calming Effects of Lemon Verbena

Calming Effects of Lemon Verbena

The relaxing properties of lemon verbena stand out among the other benefits and, as a result, its infusions are used to combat problems of insomnia, anxiety, or even to improve depression.

And, in addition to its sedative effects, this plant is able to strengthen the nervous system and help in the improvement of these conditions.

Reduces Migraines

Lemon Verbena Reduces Migraines

We can also resort to lemon verbena tea in case of migraines and other types of headaches; thus, in addition to taking herbal teas of this plant, it will be very beneficial to use the water resulting from the decoction to soak compresses and apply them on the forehead to reduce pain.

Likewise, you can also choose to directly crush the fresh leaves of verbena to place them on the face

Eliminates Sciatic Nerve Pain

Lemon Verbena Tea Eliminates Sciatic Nerve Pain

Another painful condition that can be reduced with verbena is caused by the sciatic nerve, an intense pain that can affect the lower back or leg due to the pinching of the nerve.

So, you can also prepare poultices of crushed verbena leaves to apply to the painful area and also take advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties of this medicinal herb.

Lemon Verbena Tea Reduces Fever

Lemon Verbena Reduces Fever

On the other hand, verbena is used as a natural antipyretic, that is, to reduce fever; for this, you can apply on the forehead compresses moistened in the cooking water of its leaves to benefit from its diaphoretic action, that is, it will make you sweat and thus contribute to reducing body temperature.

Even better, drink two cups a day of lemon verbena tea if you’re feeling feverish and enjoy its extraordinary benefits.

Lemon Verbena Tea Is an Excellent Diuretic

Lemon Verbena Tea Is an Excellent Diuretic

Lemon verbena also stands out for its diuretic effects that will help eliminate toxins from the body through urine and, therefore, avoid fluid retention.

For this same reason, the infusion of lemon verbena will be appropriate to purify the liver or contribute to the reduction and expulsion of kidney stones or gallstones.

Fights Digestive Disorders

Lemon Verbena Tea Fights Digestive Disorders

We can’t forget that lemon verbena tea is commonly used to alleviate lack of appetite or listlessness; as well as it can also help to combat certain digestive disorders such as flatulence or poor digestion, thanks to its antispasmodic effect.

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