Why Is It Called Monkey Picked Oolong?

Oolong tea is celebrated for its rich flavors and intricate processing methods. Among its varieties, one type stands out for its unique name and exceptional quality: Monkey Picked Oolong. The name itself sparks curiosity. Does this tea really involve monkeys in its harvesting process? What makes it so special? Let’s explore the fascinating history and reality behind this intriguing name.

The Legend

The origins of the term “Monkey Picked” are steeped in Chinese legend and folklore. According to ancient tales, tea farmers faced the daunting task of harvesting leaves from tea trees growing on steep, rugged mountainsides. To overcome this challenge, they supposedly trained monkeys to climb the trees and pluck the finest leaves. Another version of the story tells of Buddhist monks who trained monkeys to gather tea from hard-to-reach places, believing that leaves from such pristine locations had superior qualities.

The Reality

Despite these enchanting stories, there is no concrete evidence that monkeys were ever used extensively for tea picking. The name likely originated as a clever marketing strategy, implying that the tea was harvested with extraordinary care from remote and inaccessible areas. This clever branding helped convey the notion of superior quality and meticulous selection, appealing to consumers seeking an exotic and exceptional tea experience.

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The Quality

Monkey picked oolong is renowned for its high quality, characterized by a unique flavor profile and careful processing. Typically harvested from older tea plants in high-altitude regions, the tea benefits from ideal growing conditions that enhance its complex flavors and aromas. The partial oxidation process of oolong tea, which places it between green and black tea, involves a series of precise steps, including withering, bruising, oxidation, and roasting. This meticulous process results in a tea with a rich, full-bodied taste and a balanced blend of floral and fruity notes.

Modern Day Significance

Today, the term “Monkey Picked” continues to signify premium oolong tea. While the name may be more myth than reality, the tea itself lives up to the high standards it suggests. Producers often use the term to denote their finest offerings, ensuring that the legacy of this legendary tea endures.

Tea enthusiasts appreciate this variety for its smooth, nuanced flavors and its connection to the rich cultural heritage of Chinese tea production. Whether enjoyed as a daily indulgence or a special treat, this tea represents the pinnacle of oolong craftsmanship.

Final Word

The name “Monkey Picked” conjures images of agile monkeys harvesting tea leaves from lofty mountain peaks, adding a touch of mystique to this extraordinary tea. While the reality may differ from the legend, the essence remains true to its promise of exceptional quality. This tea, with its rich history and meticulous production, continues to enchant tea lovers around the world, offering a taste of both tradition and excellence.

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