Single Origin Teas

What Is Single Origin Tea?

Simplicity attracts tea drinkers to this high-quality tea. It flies solo in the tea industry. So, what’s all of the hype with single-origin tea? 

Why Does A Tea Have One Origin?

A quality one-origin tea is cultivated, harvested, and processed in that same origin. In the tea industry, you’ll find this tea marketed as “SOT.”

When tea plants (Camellia sinensis) are grown in one geographical location and harvested in that exact location and do not contain any other blends or infusions, it qualifies as single-origin. 

Single-origin teas are a treat to explore. Each offers clarity in taste and aroma yet delivers priceless health benefits.” – The Tea Lady

Is SOT Tea Better?

“Single-origin” evokes a certain je ne sais quoi that’s alluring. This tea is high-quality because it tantalizes the senses. It leaves a remarkable imprint on tea drinkers as it carries years of generational knowledge handed down. 

The rarity of singular origin is something many tea drinkers strive to experience as part of a tea journey. 

One Origin Is Why To Try

Take a break during a busy day to take in some of nature’s nectar of pure goodness and benefits. You may find it quite exhilarating!

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