What Is Kombucha Tea

What Is Kombucha Tea: Ingredients, Benefits, And Risks

A slimy bacterial biofilm must be introduced to get this drink up and going. Brew this drink in the wrong type of container, and you have a host of unpleasantries that may meet the lips on that first sip!

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a drink made by combining sugar, true tea (usually black or green), and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacterial yeast.) By allowing it to sit (brew,) it ferments. During fermentation, the bacterial yeast converts the sugar into an effervescent sour tea.

What Is Kombucha Made Of?

What Is Kombucha Made Of

Kombucha contains water, true tea (black or green,) sugar, and SCOBY. All of these ingredients are combined in a clear jar. A cloth is secured over the top of the jar to allow air in. The jar is placed in an area where it’s allowed to sit during fermentation.

What Is Kombucha SCOBY?

SCOBY is an acronym for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.” SCOBY looks like a one-inch round disc of dark, ivory gelatin. This disc is a colony of microorganisms growing. It’s often referred to as a mushroom. SCOBY must be pregrown or obtained before making kombucha.

What Does Kombucha Tea Taste Like?

What Does Kombucha Tea Taste Like

Kombucha’s aroma is very similar to beer or ale. As for taste, this tea is similar to dry cider with a vinegary taste. However, unlike dry cider, kombucha is smooth going down and very pleasant to drink. When using various ingredients (teas, fruits, etc.,) the taste of kombucha is elevated to more complex flavor profiles.  

What Is Kombucha Good For? 

The Annals of Epidemiology published a research article on kombucha. This article noted that consuming kombucha may benefit drinkers in numerous ways. The drink is purported to be an antibiotic, helps rheumatism, gout, hemorrhoids, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and anxiety and promotes better gastrointestinal activities.

However, in addition to the benefits kombucha tea may provide, the article also mentions potential risks that may accompany it.

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Are There Risks Of Drinking Kombucha?

Are There Risks Of Drinking Kombucha

Kombucha that is not prepared correctly may cause unpleasant side effects. Unless you are experienced in brewing this drink, we highly recommend that you enjoy commercially prepared ready-to-drink kombucha.  

Is Kombucha Good To Drink Everyday?

There is no guarantee that kombucha won’t cause adverse reactions in those who drink it. If you do choose to drink it, the maximum daily amount should not be more than four ounces. This applies to those who are healthy, not pregnant or nursing, and do not have existing medical conditions. 

Enjoying Kombucha Responsibly And Safely

Enjoying Kombucha Responsibly And Safely

It’s best to leave brewing kombucha to the experts and opt for bottled options commercially produced. Reaping the benefit of consuming safe kombucha a few times a week is something to consider. Health benefits are also plenty in other true teas and tisanes (herbal tea.) Stay plugged in with more informative articles as we explore more teas!

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