What Is Green Tea with Peppermint Good For (1)

What Is Green Tea with Peppermint Good For?

Green tea with peppermint is the favorite green tea of many people and one of the most requested in searches answering the question “buy green tea” on the Internet.

In fact, when buying tea with theine in our store, it is also one of the most requested, no doubt, for the delicious flavor and aroma that peppermint gives off when drinking a cup of tea.

On how many cups you can take this drink a day, its properties, characteristics, and benefits we are going to focus on in this article. Let’s get started!

What Is Green Tea with Peppermint?

What Is Green Tea with Peppermint

If you are wondering what green tea with mint is let me start with the origins of green tea with mint, which is a very popular drink in Morocco.

There it began to be drunk in the early nineteenth century, with the arrival of green tea through the British. From its beginnings, this infusion was mixed with others that were drunk in Morocco.

That is why, nowadays, green tea with mint is known as Moorish tea. However, for its original preparation, the ingredients used are a large amount of sugar, peppermint leaves, or a combination of herbs of the same family, such as peppermint, along with green tea, usually of the Gunpowder variety.

Benefits and Properties

Now that you know the origin of this drink, let’s focus on the benefits of green tea with peppermint, for which we also need to understand the properties of green tea with peppermint.

Among some of the best-known benefits, it is worth mentioning that it helps prevent fluid retention, as well as poor digestion, so it is perfect to take a while before heavy meals and relieve possible stomach aches.

In any case, it is a perfect drink to improve overall digestion, although being green tea, it should be taken an hour before or after meals, so you do not have problems with the absorption of iron.


Contraindications of Green Tea with Peppermint

The contraindications of green tea with peppermint are the same as the side effects that can have any other variety of green tea.

Therefore, we will make a list of recommendations, in addition to the one we mentioned in the previous point, related to anemia:

Green tea contains theine: do not take it later than the time you know it can affect you, so you do not have problems falling asleep.

Do not drink more than 3 cups a day if you have irritable bowel problems, Crohn’s disease, or gastritis.

If you have heart problems, it is better not to drink it too often, although taken in moderation, it helps to improve the heart tissue cells.

How to Prepare Your Own Green Tea with Peppermint?

Don’t know how to prepare green tea with mint? Take note, because it’s very simple:

  • Put water to heat and leave it until it is boiling.
  • Pour the hot water over a tablespoon of green tea that you have added to your cup. Leave for a minute and remove the water. In this way you get that green tea is not bitter.
  • Repeat the operation again, but this time add the peppermint, which you will infuse with the green tea.
  • Add sugar to taste and, if you want to cool it a little, a portion of cold water.
How to Prepare Your Own Green Tea with Peppermint

Variations of Green Tea With Mint

Surely you’ve also heard that there are variations of green tea with mint, mainly by the types of herbs that can be added, such as dried thyme, but also by other combinations that are made, such as adding a splash of lemon juice or half orange, or introduce other ingredients, such as honey, instead of sugar, to make it more natural.

In any case, from Hummingbird Tearoom we invite you to enjoy the authentic taste of green tea with mint and its preparation process since it is one of the best hot drinks to start our body and digestive health.

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