What Infusions Are Good for the Lungs

What Infusions Are Good for the Lungs?

It is possible to relieve symptoms such as cough, excessive mucus, respiratory problems, and many other afflictions of the lungs through infusions.

And is that there are many aromatic and medicinal plants that can improve the condition of airways and improve lung condition.

So, we want to share with you what infusions are good for the lungs so that you too can take advantage of their benefits.


Licorice Infusion Tea For Healthy Lungs

Among the many properties of licorice, we find its power against respiratory diseases and to relieve coughs and other lung conditions. This root will help open the bronchi and facilitate air passage through the airways.

So, to prepare an infusion of licorice you should boil about 30 g. of this root per liter of water and take a tablespoon three times a day for at least six days in a row.


Thyme Infusion Tea For Healthy Lungs

Thyme infusions will also be good for the lungs, due to the fact that this plant is expectorant, antiseptic, and mucolytic and will therefore relieve most respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma. Add dried thyme to boiling water and let it infuse for a few minutes.


Horsetail Infusion Tea For Healthy Lungs

Likewise, taking horsetail infusions will also help you to purify the lungs and improve breathing difficulties by eliminating mucus. Sometimes, it is even used in case of pulmonary hemorrhages.

Thus, a teaspoon of dried horsetail per cup of water will be enough to prepare tea or infusion and improve lung conditions. It should be noted that it is not advisable to take this infusion for a long time, so you should take breaks.


Mallow Infusion Tea For Healthy Lungs

The high content of mucilage that characterizes the mallow will also be very appropriate to combat respiratory conditions and lungs in general, among many other beneficial properties of this plant. However, this same component will be the one that will cause diabetics should not take mallow tea, because it can increase the levels of glucose or blood sugar.

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