What Are the Properties of Dill Tea

What Are the Properties of Dill Tea?

Although less known than other aromatic plants, dill is an herb that can be used in the kitchen to season our dishes, but at the same time has medicinal benefits and uses.

This herb has a flavor similar to anise with a touch of lemon and can help us to treat various conditions and ailments. In this article, we explain what are the properties of dill tea.

Digestive Aid

Dill Tea Digestive Aid

Like many other medicinal herbs, dill facilitates digestion and helps eliminate flatulence and gas from the intestine, that is, it has carminative properties.

This is why it is recommended to take infusions of boiled fresh dill to improve gastrointestinal problems.

Natural Diuretic

Dill Tea Natural Diuretic

Dill tea is also used as a natural diuretic to expel excess toxins from the body. In case you have fluid retention problems, we recommend trying dill weed tea at least twice a day.


Another of the properties of this plant is its anti-hemorrhoidal power, so taking dill infusions will help soothe the pain and try to cure hemorrhoids with home remedies.

Relieving Menstrual Cramps

On the other hand, it is also possible to relieve menstrual cramps with dill, as well as we can stimulate the production of breast milk thanks to this aromatic herb, although the supervision of a doctor will be necessary.

Immune System Booster

Dill Tea Immune System Booster

Fresh dill is an excellent source of vitamin C, which will help us to strengthen the immune system and, therefore, prevent infections such as colds and colds.

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