What Are the Best Teas to Drink with Milk?

To this day, there are still people who do not know that tea can be drunk with milk and the situation sounds super strange to them. However, I have to confess something: since I was a child I have seen my mother drink tea with milk.

Coffee didn’t quite agree with her in the mornings, so she switched to tea with milk and I’ve seen her drink it all her life.

But while we’re on the subject of confessions, I’ll tell you something: I was not convinced by the way tea with milk looked when I was a child. You know: as children (and as adults too) there are foods or beverages we don’t like to taste unless we see them… it’s harder for us to want to try them. So it took me years to go from my chamomile, my pennyroyal mint, or, later, my red tea or black tea, infused only with water.

It took me until I discovered how delicious red tea with a cloud of milk was. Is there anything tastier than that combination? I can assure you that, although in Hummingbird Tearoom we are lucky to have varieties that are a delight with and without tea, this is my downfall. I could drink liters of that tea with and without milk!

But do you know what the best thing is? Drinking certain teas with a cloud of milk brings even more benefits. As I know you’re interested, stay because I’m going to tell you about them right now.

I will also tell you about the varieties that best pair with milk and some international drinks that are prepared with tea and milk (among other ingredients) and that is worth, at least, try them, although, some, surely, once you do, you incorporate them into your daily recipes, word of milk tea lover.

What are the best teas to drink with milk?

Benefits of Drinking Tea with Milk

Some may think that it is only about the extra contribution of milk (animal or vegetable) essential for bone health. However, the benefits of drinking herbal teas with milk go beyond this obvious little detail:

  • It has a satiating effect: so accompanied by a healthy snack, it is perfect to take it mid-morning or mid-afternoon, as well as to lengthen the so pleasant effect that leaves us in the stomach and in the mind a healthy breakfast.
  • It reduces the bitter taste of some teas: such as black tea or red tea. Many people do not drink these varieties because they find the taste too strong. However, with milk, the taste is much more pleasant for this type of palate. If this is your case, we invite you to try it.
  • Reduces stress and improves mood: because of the properties of milk, but also because of the properties of the varieties of tea with which milk is combined. That is one of the reasons why drinking it first thing in the morning, mid-morning, or mid-afternoon is perfect to face the day in a better mood.

Which Teas Can Be Drunk with Milk?

One of the mistakes we think people make is when they combine certain varieties of tea or certain flavors with milk. Therefore, to the question, can all teas be combined with milk, we always tend to answer no, unless it is because you like that combination and, there, we cannot go into assessing tastes.

However, the teas that go best with milk are:

  • Black tea: both pure varieties, such as those flavored with chocolate, nuts, and some fruity varieties, as well as spices.
  • Matcha tea: because of its taste and characteristics, matcha green tea is great to combine with milk; much better than other varieties of green tea.
  • Rooibos: taking into account the characteristics that I have mentioned in black tea, rooibos is perfect to combine with milk and is perfect if you do not want to consume infusions with theine.

How to Prepare Indian Masal

Let’s go with a classic recipe composed of tea and milk: Masala Chai. To prepare it you need:

  • Organic Breakfast black tea (1 tablespoon)
  • 10 grams of ginger
  • 6 grams of cardamom
  • 6 cloves
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 250 ml of water
  • 250 ml of cow’s or vegetable milk (almond milk is very tasty)

Once you have all the ingredients, you only have to put the water to boil over low heat for 10 minutes with the ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. When it starts to boil, turn it off and add the milk and the black tea. 

Repeat the operation and when it boils again, if you wish, you can add a little sugar to taste, give it a final touch of boiling, strain, and serve. Some replace the sugar with pure honey, but also those who take it naturally (although in India they always use sweeteners).

It is a super tasty tea, with that perfect combination of spices that combine perfectly with black tea. If you have tried black chai tea, the flavor will be very familiar to you. I am sure that if you try it, you will repeat it for sure.

Also, if you want, you can keep the tea (once it cools down) in the fridge and it keeps very well until the next day, so you can have it ready for the next day and drink it with your breakfast.

What are the best teas to drink with milk?

Matcha Tea Smoothie with Mint and Raspberries

This recipe, besides being delicious, is very refreshing. It is great to drink after sports or to start the day with energy and, of course, as a complement to a snack accompanied, for example, by a toast with oil.

What do you need?

  • 1 tablespoon of matcha
  • 100 ml of milk
  • 250 ml of water
  • 1 handful of raspberries
  • 2 mint leaves

How to prepare this matcha tea smoothie? It is very easy. First, infuse the water and add the two mint leaves. Then, strain it and pour it into a blender glass and add the rest of the ingredients, except the mint leaves. Blend until the texture is the way you like it. When serving, you can add two more fresh mint leaves.

As you can see, tea with milk can be taken in many ways, it is great for our daily life and it is a different and healthy way of consuming tea.

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