Why You Should Start Drinking Rooibos Tea

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Rooibos Tea

As it does not contain caffeine or caffeine Rooibos is the perfect infusion to drink at any time, but also Rooibos tea has many more health benefits and we tell you all about them.

Drinking infusions in autumn is a pleasure but not all of them can be taken at any time of the day. Rooibos tea is one of the best options to enjoy an infusion without fear that it steals your sleep because it doesn’t have stimulants such as theine and caffeine. Take note of all the healthy benefits that Rooibos tea (which is not really a tea) can bring you.

Rooibos Tea Benefits
What Is Rooibos

What Is Rooibos?

It is not a tea, but an infusion of herbs from the fermentation of the leaves of a shrub called Aspalathus linearis that gives it its characteristic reddish hue.

Rooibos tea is very common in restaurants, bars, or cafes (and of course in stores) but it is not yet as famous as other infusions. This infusion is originally from South Africa where it is especially appreciated and consumed daily for its health benefits.

It is an infusion that has an intense flavor but as it has no theine or caffeine it is an ideal option to drink in the afternoon and even at night before going to bed. 

You can drink it hot or cold in summer and you can add honey, vegetable milk, cardamom seeds, juices, and a cinnamon stick… but first let it rest for 5 minutes!

Properties and Benefits Of Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, and magnesium, wow! It is also a good source of antioxidants that fight damage caused by free radicals responsible for premature cellular aging, thus maintaining brain agility and relieving oxidative stress.

One of its antioxidants is called chrysoeriol which maintains the youthfulness of the arteries, thus regulating blood pressure and cardiovascular health as it helps regulate blood circulation and keeps cholesterol at bay.

Rooibos Tea Benefits

It has a detox effect on the liver and helps to eliminate toxins and waste substances by purifying them. Rooibos tea even has the power to relieve respiratory problems, so it is a perfect drink in case of congestion, colds, colds, or allergies.

It is an almost medicinal infusion also in the case of skin disorders as it is a very good ally in cases of acne, eczema, or psoriasis thanks to its zinc and alpha hydroxy acid content. 

Being so rich in minerals is a protector of bone health so that at any time, and especially in menopause, will help to keep bones and teeth strong.

If you are under stress, Rooibos tea will also be a good companion at the end of the day (and any time) as it comforts, improves mood, and fights insomnia. As you will see. it is an infusion that only has advantages, so if you have not tried it yet, sign up for the healthiest and perfect drink for the cold season.

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