Teas and Infusions To Take On A Vacation

Teas and Infusions To Take On A Vacation

It is clear that each of the people who are going to go through this article will have a different vacation. However, there are points in common that I will mention below, with which you will identify. Keep the ideas I give you, the one you feel closest to:

People who go to a house: either the one in town, a relative’s, a friend’s, or a house they have rented. Generally, in any of these cases, we will always have at our disposal glasses and hot or cold water, depending on how we want to prepare our infusion.

You will also have a saucepan or a microwave to heat the water, but…be careful! Not all houses have infusers.

Take a medium-sized tea infuser or strainer, which you can use to put in a standard glass, although a porcelain cup will always be better.

Teas to Take on Vacation

Of course, take your favorite tea in the format that is most convenient for you. In addition, if you are going to spend a few weeks, you can also ask us to send you an order for the house in town, to your friend’s house or to the place you have rented.

People who go to hotels or hostels: there are many accommodations of this type that have the typical water heater, but, just in case, before you go, be sure to call and ask. In case they don’t have it, get a cheap one.

Believe us, it will come in handy. You may be able to go a few days without your favorite infusion, but not without taking any.

In addition, for these cases, it is always more convenient to take tea bags. Think that you can put them anywhere and they are the easiest to prepare.

People who go camping: in this case, as you will surely have a place to heat the water, you will only have to worry about taking the infusion you like the most.

In tea bags or in bulk it will be the same, although it will depend on the space you have to carry these infusions and if it is only one variety or several. If you like tea very much, the most logical thing will be that you are in the last case.

In any case, what can come in handy for this type of outing is a teacup warmer with a candle. However, always be careful how you use the candle and remember to carry a few spare ones, depending on the number of days you are going to be away.

Active Vacation

Teas for an Active Vacation

There are people for whom vacations are not synonymous with rest, but with being able to do what they like most, which is to practice sports. Generally, mountain sports or water sports.

It may not even be that you are going to do sport as such, but you know that you are going to do scheduled outings in the mountains, that you are going to walk a lot, or that you are going to spend days swimming in the pool.

For any of the cases I mentioned above, always carry it with you:

Green tea: it is perfect to drink before going out to do sports. Yes, it is more diuretic than the previous one, so take it a while before you go out of the house, so you can go to the bathroom and do not have to stop shortly after leaving.

Rooibos: to take during sports or after it, because it helps you recover vitamins and minerals that you lose while doing sports. In addition, it helps reduce stiffness and that is also appreciated in summer.

If You Are One Of Those Who Want To Rest

Because the rest of the year you move enough, what you want when you are on vacation is to be able to sleep without looking at the clock, go for a walk quietly and without haste, enjoy the sun, the breeze of the river bank and, of course, to allow you to eat, quietly, some of the delicacies of the land you visit.

For these cases, we recommend the following varieties or types of tea:

Black tea: to activate you once you wake up. Sometimes, so much rest and, above all, the heat, leaves us half “flattened”. Much better if we help the body a little and give him a little joy with black tea, which we can take with or without milk.

Teas for a Restful Vacation

Fruity infusions: these provide us with vitamins that we can take very fresh because hydration is always essential and much more at this time of year, but recognize that sometimes it costs us less if the water we drink has a flavor that pleases us, as is the case of this variety of infusions.

Relaxing infusions: so we can sleep soundly at night.

Digestive infusions: because when we are away from home we tend to eat worse or to eat much more in restaurants that do not always cook as healthy as we would like.

For that reason and to alleviate, as far as possible, those heartburns or those heavy meals, do not forget to always have digestive infusions at hand.

What if you forget to take them with you? Usually, in restaurants and cafes, it is easy to find chamomile, licorice, or pennyroyal mint.

I know that ours have a special and authentic flavor and, above all, that no one prepares them as one does at home (unlike coffee), but it will always be better to have one of those infusions than nothing at all if you have digestive discomfort and you are away from home.

If You Want To Continue Taking Care of Yourself Like At Home

Best Teas for Relaxing at Home

There is a mistaken belief that if we leave home we have nothing to do when it comes to taking care of our diet, but it is not true.

It is clear that summer invites us to other types of meals and more social gatherings, but this does not mean that we can not opt for healthier options when we eat out or try to replenish excesses.

On this last point, tea can help us a lot. That’s why:

Start with an oolong tea as soon as you get up because it will help your body start the day by cleansing possible toxins that have been left after the night.

Have black or red tea for breakfast: it will help you to get your mind and body going.

At mid-morning, opt for green tea or red tea. It could also be a rooibos, which is satiating (but does not replace meals), as well as if you add a cloud of milk to the red tea.

After eating: let the food rest a little and opt for a digestive infusion or a red tea, which will help you to improve digestion.

In mid-afternoon, opt for a green tea or a white tea that has little theine, especially the latter, and prepare your body for the evening.

Finally, end the day with an infusion or rooibos that invites you to relax and take care of your digestive system.

A Type Of Tea For Every Occasion

A Type Of Tea For Every Occasion

Now that you know how you can take care of yourself depending on the type of vacation you are going to have, it only remains for you to tell us with which of these models you feel more identified and if you usually take your favorite varieties of tea to your vacations.

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