Tea for Reducing Cellulite

Tea for Reducing Cellulite

Cellulite is one of the most annoying and common body issues, especially among women. It is formed by the accumulation of fat deposits in certain areas of the body, such as the buttocks or thighs.

Fighting it can become a really complicated task if we do not know the most effective natural treatments. In this sense, many medicinal plants provide our body with antioxidant and circulatory effects and allow us to eliminate accumulated fat quickly.

Do you want to learn more about them? Keep reading this article and discover the best infusions to eliminate cellulite.

Dandelion Infusion

Dandelion Tea for Reducing Cellulite

Thanks to its diuretic and antioxidant properties, dandelion considerably benefits the functions of the liver and kidneys, favoring the elimination of toxins, fighting fluid retention, and improving circulation. It is therefore the perfect natural remedy to eliminate cellulite.

It is best to take this infusion twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. It is not recommended to abuse and ingest more than these doses.

Green Tea

Green Tea for Reducing Cellulite

Green tea is another of the most popular remedies to combat cellulite. It is a powerful antioxidant that favors the expulsion of free radicals from our body, preventing premature aging and allowing our skin to look younger.

It is also ideal for reducing orange peel skin thanks to its diuretic properties and ability to help us lose weight. It is not recommended to drink more than three cups a day.

Horsetail Infusion

Horsetail Tea for Reducing Cellulite

Thanks to its high content of minerals and flavonoids, horsetail has diuretic and depurative properties, ideal for combating fluid retention and thus reducing cellulite. It also favors the elimination of toxins from our bodies.

To benefit from this popular plant, it is best to take an infusion at night. Remember that it is not advisable to take more doses than those indicated.

Meadowsweet Infusion

Meadowsweet Tea for Reducing Cellulite

Meadowsweet is another of the most popular plants to reduce cellulite due to its known antioxidant, circulatory, and diuretic properties. Thanks to them, it has the ability to improve the appearance of our skin as well as to eliminate toxins harmful to our body. The recommended amount is one infusion a day, no more.

Pineapple Infusion

Pineapple Infusion Tea for Reducing Cellulite

Although it may seem strange, it is possible to prepare a pineapple infusion. This fruit brings great benefits to our body, perfect to reduce cellulite and fight it.

Thanks to its high content of bromelain, pineapple has the ability to absorb much of the proteins and other substances responsible for the formation of cellulite. We can also prepare delicious juice with it.

Simply bring a cup and a half of water to a boil and, when it reaches boiling point, add one or two slices of pineapple to prepare the infusion. Then, remove the pieces and drink the infusion. Lemon infusion is also a very effective treatment against cellulite, its preparation is the same.

It is recommended that the infusions are natural to get better results and get rid of cellulite, which is not only an aesthetic problem but also a health problem. Remember to take the amounts indicated above and, for greater effectiveness, follow a balanced diet and exercise.

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