Tea for Energy: 7 Teas to Help You Get Started in the Morning

There are several reasons that can cause us to feel tired and lack energy, making it difficult to perform our daily tasks. To avoid this situation we can resort to plants to increase the energy which will help us to eliminate fatigue. We will tell you what they are!

Get Started in the Morning

There are times when tiredness and fatigue win the game in our day to day, making it hard for us to concentrate on our work, study, and, in general, perform any type of activity.

A healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise are the basis for good energy levels, but we can also use natural remedies that will help us say goodbye to fatigue.

And the fact is that, beyond coffee, there is a wide variety of plants and infusions with revitalizing properties, which we encourage you to discover in this post.

Black Tea

Black Tea - Teas to Help You Get Started in the Morning

Black tea, like all teas, comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. Its characteristic color, aroma, and flavor are due to its specific elaboration process which consists of 4 different phases: withering, rolling, fermentation, and final drying.

It is during this long transformation that black tea acquires its high concentration of theine, which makes it an excellent stimulant and energizer, providing vitality and helping us to stay awake.

In addition, it is also a natural antioxidant, has diuretic properties, and is astringent.

Red Tea

Red Tea - Teas to Help You Get Started in the Morning

Red tea comes from Pu Erh, a region of China. For its elaboration, the leaves are selected and fermented in a barrel for a period of time that can be from 2 to 60 years.

Thanks to this technique, its flavor is sweeter than the rest and has a high level of theine, which gives it stimulating properties, increasing concentration.

It also has antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system, promotes digestion, and prevents fluid retention, so with a cup of this tea, you will not only gain energy but also help your body.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate - Teas to Help You Get Started in the Morning

The yerba mate infusion is one of the most popular beverages in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay and is a great ally to increase our energy levels.

It contains caffeine -also known as mateine (a combination of caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline)-, which acts on the central nervous system in a natural way and helps to optimize brain function, concentration, and attention.

Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea - Teas to Help You Get Started in the Morning

Matcha was born in China, although it has subsequently established itself as one of Japan’s most representative teas.

It is obtained by grinding the green leaves of Camellia sinensis, which allows us to take advantage of the full potential of this plant and enjoy its vitamin, antioxidant mineral, and amino acid content.

In fact, one cup of matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea.

In addition to its antioxidant and beneficial properties for our organism, matcha is rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that gives energy without depleting it. This, together with its high concentration of theine, makes this tea a great ally to eliminate tiredness and fatigue.

Rosemary Tea

Rosemary Tea - Teas to Help You Get Started in the Morning

Rosemary is one of the most popular aromatic plants in the Mediterranean area, but did you know that it can also help to charge us with energy?

This plant acts as a mild stimulant on the central nervous system and helps against physical and mental fatigue. We can take it both as an infusion and as a tincture.


Ginseng - Teas to Help You Get Started in the Morning

Ginseng is a plant native to China that has been used since ancient times for its stimulating properties on the central nervous system.

Besides acting against fatigue, it also increases physical resistance and the capacity to adapt to changes and stress.

However, due to its high stimulant properties, it should not be consumed later than mid-afternoon, to avoid insomnia, and in case of tachycardia or high blood pressure.


Guarana - Teas to Help You Get Started in the Morning

Guarana is one of the best-known energy-boosting plants. It has a fairly immediate effect, so it is ideal for those who have to perform a demanding task or require a high level of concentration, such as athletes, students, or teachers.

It is rich in theophylline and theobromine, two alkaloids of the methylxanthine family, but without the addictive effects that coffee can have.

These are some of the plants that can help us to relieve tiredness and fatigue and to fill us with energy in a natural way, without causing the addiction that caffeine can have if we consume it in excess.

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