Teas and Infusions Are All You Need for Optimal Focus

Studying, Writing, or Working: Teas and Infusions Are All You Need for Optimal Focus

There are times when, no matter how hard you try, your mind is not able to concentrate.

Whether you are tired because there is something that worries you or simply because you have not had a good day, your mind does not work as you would like.

For these occasions, pharmaceutical laboratories have created a thousand and one solutions based on medicinal plants, because they know and it is proven that they are really effective.

However, in order to make their effect more powerful or faster, they add chemicals that are not always good for our organism and from which we personally run away, because we like to take care of ourselves in a natural way.

But we also like that you can do it yourself.

Fusions to help with Focusing

Therefore, we always prepare our teas and infusions thinking about your well-being and the benefits that these natural plants and other components with which we make our products, are pleasant to taste and help you in your day to day.

Today we are going to focus on those that help you to perform better mentally, both in your work and in your studies, thanks to the fact that they contribute to activating your mind, to reduce fatigue or stress, among some of the symptoms that cause problems when concentrating to work or study.

Main Concentration Problems

We are sure that if you stop to analyze the reasons why some days you are less productive than others, you will come across some of the following problems, which are the ones that science assures cause the lack of concentration when working or studying:

Lack of sleep: either because you went to bed late and you had to get up early or because nerves or personal problems have not let you sleep. Another problem related to this issue is sleeping in a place where the temperature is higher or lower than recommended since falling asleep in these conditions is always more complicated. The consequence? The consequence is that the next day you don’t get a good night’s sleep and your mind is not sufficiently clear to be able to move at the pace you would like.

Accumulated fatigue: it’s one thing if you don’t sleep one night and quite another if all the activity you do during the day is not compensated by the hours of rest. It is clear that you have to do sports and have a life as far away as possible from a sedentary lifestyle, but you also have to compensate for all that you burn during physical activity.

Main Concentration Problems

Poor diet: sometimes it is not for lack of eating, but for not consuming the amount of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. This makes us more tired and our brain does not perform at 100%.

Stress: when a problem worries us or we are overworked, our mind collapses and is not able to react as it should.

Distractions: either as a result of objects we have around us or because we are working in an environment that does not allow us to concentrate and, therefore, we cannot move forward with our work.

Solutions to Concentrate Better and Be More Productive

To solve all of the above, mental health experts recommend the following tips:

Correct sleep hygiene: both in terms of the hours we sleep (the ideal is between 7 and 9 hours depending on what our body asks for), as well as in what is related to the conditions in which we do it.

For this reason, it is recommended to ventilate the room as soon as you get up and if it is very hot, wait until the evening to do so, but when you go to the room, it should be ventilated.

In addition, it is recommended not to do activities that alter our brain before going to bed (such as sports or using electronic devices) and to have a sleep routine more or less the same throughout the week.

Solutions to Concentrate Better and Be More Productive

Healthy food and hydration: where vegetables are 50% of the main meals and do not miss fruit, fish or white meat, as well as cereals and legumes from time to time. Of course, I do not forget dairy products.

Avoid unhealthy sugars and hydrate yourself naturally, with water or herbal teas, which will give flavor and joy to your days. In fact, there are some highly recommended ones that we will talk about today.

Go out and do sports: sometimes, it is enough to go for a walk for a while to sit down at the table and stay focused. This way we release endorphins, improve our mental state and we are much more receptive; also our brain.

Avoid distractions and meditate: the latter, whenever you feel stressed.

As for distractions, nowadays, the most typical ones come from the use of cell phones. So whenever you are working and unless you really need it, keep it at a safe distance and remove notifications or turn off the sound.

Infusions to Activate the Mind

Green tea: thanks to the fact that the best green tea is stimulating, it also helps to keep the mind more active and reduce fatigue.

Infusions to Activate the Mind

Black tea: it is well known that black tea helps to activate the mind. In fact, if you work doing creative tasks, it is great to drink a black tea before starting to do them, because after a while, you will notice that you concentrate much better (I can attest to this because I do it whenever I have to write and it works). In addition, and unlike what many may think, it does not make you nervous; it just helps you concentrate and awaken your mind. This does make it not very advisable to take it at night, especially if you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

Ginkgo biloba: thanks to its vasodilator and neuroprotective properties, it helps to increase intellectual performance and improve concentration, so it is ideal to take an infusion of this plant, especially during study periods, but also during the rest of the year.

Ginseng: it helps to improve reaction times and also to remember, so it is ideal as a complementary infusion for students.

Infusions to Reduce Fatigue

In addition to the aforementioned ginseng, it will also be great for you:

Horsetail: known for its properties that benefit external beauty, the truth is that horsetail also has properties that help reduce fatigue naturally. In these cases it is recommended to take 2 cups a day.

Cinnamon: as it has properties to combat physical weakness. Therefore, it is not surprising that many coffee shops offer it with coffee, especially in the mornings. Why don’t you try to do the same with your favorite coffee or tea?

Infusions to Reduce Fatigue

Ginger: thanks to its vitamins and minerals, it helps you to recover lost strength and fight fatigue, as well as helping you to take care of your insides and increase your defenses.

Infusions to Reduce Stress

There are many, but there are two that are very easy to obtain and always good to have at home:

Chamomile: a study by the University of Maryland has shown that the effect of a cup of chamomile is the same as that of anti-stress medications. Therefore, drinking a cup of chamomile when stress invades us will always be an excellent natural solution.

Valerian: thanks to its sedative effect, it also helps to relax and reduce stress. It can be taken alone or combined with the previous infusion.

In summary and as you have been able to read so far, to concentrate better it is necessary to rest, have a good diet and hydration, where certain infusions based on medicinal plants can help you reduce stress and fatigue and stimulate your brain.

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