Perfect Iced Tea Infusions for Summer

Perfect Iced Tea Infusions for Summer

Did you know that the body of adults is 60% water and in the case of children that percentage rises to 75%?

This is the real reason why, if we want to feel good throughout the year, but especially in summer, we must hydrate ourselves with this type of drinks.

How and how much to drink?

Experts advise an average of 2 liters for women and 2 and a half liters for men of all ages, but of course, in summer we lose much more water than the rest of the year, so we have to drink water every time our body needs it or get into the habit of doing it every so often, especially if we are exposed to the sun.

Of course, the best option is always water, but it is also important to eat foods that contain a lot of water, such as vegetables, fruits and many varieties of fish.

In addition, drinking cold infusions for the summer will help you to do it in a healthy (if possible, without sugar or any other type of sweetener) and varied way.

So you can make a list of some refreshing cold infusions, such as, for example, cold infusions with green tea. If you are interested, read on…

Infusions to Drink Cold

Infusions to Drink Cold

When we are asked if we drink hot infusions all year round, the reality is that we do, even in summer, but because we also drink some cold and refreshing infusions during the rest of the year, just as we drink cold water.

Why is that? Because there are times when the body needs to ingest cold liquids to soothe the heat inside (for example, after sports) and other times when it cries out for a cup of hot tea or herbal teas without theine.

We begin by recommending you, precisely, the latter, cold teas without caffeine so that you can refresh yourself this summer. Infusions, mainly fruit, with a touch of mint or infusions with spices such as turmeric or ginger.

To start the day or to take after doing sports or going for a walk and get your strength back, we recommend you to buy organic rooibos, ginger, and lemon infusions.

For lunch or snack, you will love the hibiscus flowers, which will also give you a touch of sweetness to the palate and will subtract the desire to snack on sweet things between meals.

If you prepare it the night before, taking into account the number of cups you are going to drink, you will already have ready one of the best cold infusions to enjoy during the day.

In addition, you can add a little bit of squeezed lemon to the hibiscus if you drink it in the morning.

Our recommendation: squeeze the lemon, leave it in a small jar in the refrigerator and then add it to your cold infusions whenever you feel like it. This way you will always have both options.

Another of the things you usually ask us for in summer are slimming cold infusions. In this case, we suggest the green tea or the slimming rooibos.

Prepare Cold Infusions of Sweet-Tasting Fruits

Prepare Cold Infusions of Sweet-Tasting Fruits

They are perfect for this season, because they refresh you, at the same time that they bring a sweet touch to the palate and quench your thirst, something that does not always do the fruit itself by itself, due to the amount of natural sugars it has, although, yes, it is essential to consume them.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can add a natural sweetener.

Be careful! Infusing it does not replace the intake of fruit, but it does help in terms of hydration. One that drives us crazy and we always have ready to drink cold from the fridge is our Orange Jasmine Tea.

It falls into the category of infusions for weight loss, since it leaves that pleasant fruity taste on the palate, it takes away the craving to eat things you should not.

If you want to lose weight and you feel like having something cold, do not hesitate to try this type. If you like them very fresh you can add ice and loose leaves of mint or star anise to combat the high temperatures.

This way, you can make healthy mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks, without having that sweet craving. You will love the infusion and without having to add sugar or other sweeteners. You will love it!

Cold Infusions With Ginger to Prepare at Home

Cold Infusions With Ginger to Prepare at Home

Rarely is the time that we do not talk about a topic and ginger does not come up. For a reason it is one of the most revered spices of all time. It has so many properties that it is almost impossible for it not to appear in one of our articles.

And, precisely for the summer, ginger is one of the best cold infusions to eliminate liquids.

Because yes, as you well know, with the arrival of heat, the issue of fluid retention increases and therefore it is also necessary to take infusions that help us to go to the bathroom continuously.

For the summer, you will love the infusion of Thai Lemongrass Ginger, which will also provide antioxidant properties. For its part, the Tangerine Ginger tea will be great for a good start to the day or to take after those heavy meals.

If you want and you know that you are going to eat out, you can always take the infusion prepared and very fresh in an airtight thermos and enjoy it whenever you want.

Of course: it is important that the thermos is resistant and lasts many hours cold, so that it can refresh you as you wish.

As you can see, hydrating in summer and doing it in a fun and healthy way is very simple. Don’t forget to always carry something to drink with you and if you have small children or accompany elderly people, even more so.

Even if they are not thirsty, make them drink water every few minutes, so you can make sure they are well hydrated.

In summer days, it is important to stay hydrated and what better way to do it than with drinks that do not contain added sugars and are totally natural.

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