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Matcha Tea Latte Recipe

Surely you’ve read, heard, and even seen the matcha latte, but you may not have tried it yet. So, today we want to tell you how is the matcha tea latte recipe, or what is the same, a matcha tea recipe with milk.

In recent years, and thanks to the influence of many celebrities who take it on a regular basis, there are many people who have taken the plunge to try this very nice tasting and healthy drink.

You can also prepare it at home, with this quick and easy recipe with matcha tea from Hummingbird Tearoom, where you already know that you have at your disposal natural and flavored organic matcha.

Ways To Make Matcha Tea

Ingredients for a Matcha Tea Latte

If you have already decided to prepare this natural drink with milk, these are the ingredients to prepare a Matcha tea latte:

When we talk about milk, we are referring not only to cow’s milk, but it can also be made with oat milk, almond milk, rice milk, or other plant-based beverages that you like.

The good thing about this delicious recipe is that it is very grateful and it is only necessary that matcha tea is of quality, as we offer in Aromas of Tea.

As you will see, within the ingredients we have not added any sweetener, because we believe that infusions should always be taken naturally, but if you prefer, you can add honey or cinnamon, to give it that sweet touch, although the milk already gives it.

How to Prepare a Matcha Latte?

If you don’t know how to prepare matcha latte tea, grab a pen and paper because we are going to give you the steps to make the matcha latte recipe.

Before you get to it, I will tell you that there are different ways to prepare matcha latte tea, but the step-by-step is practically the same. However, as for utensils and if you want to prepare it in the purest Japanese style (country of origin of matcha tea), for the matcha latte recipe you will need the following:

  • A teapot in which to prepare matcha tea with a little hot water.
    A cup of milk so that you can pour it more comfortably, you can use any type of vegetable milk.
  • A bamboo whisk or chasen, to prepare the matcha tea.

Cold Matcha Tea Latte

Here’s how to prepare cold matcha tea latte so you can make it a deliciously refreshing drink in summer.

Take a teaspoon of matcha tea and pour it into a glass mixer, where you will add the rest of the ingredients: water, a cloud of cold milk, and ice cubes to make it very cold. Whisk well for a few seconds until you see that all the ingredients are well integrated and serve it in a narrow, elongated glass.

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Hot Matcha Tea Latte

Now that you know how to make cold matcha tea, we will tell you how to prepare hot matcha latte tea. You will need the same ingredients, but you will dispense with the ice cubes and use hot milk instead of cold.

First, heat 250 ml of water and when it comes to a boil, remove it. Meanwhile, in a tea cup or tea ceremony bowl and mix the matcha tea by adding a teaspoon. Pour the water and whisk with the chasen. When ready, add the hot milk cloud.

If you want to enjoy this hot drink with a little foam, just use a whisk to whisk the milk and you will have a little foam in less than a minute (unless you use vegetable milk).

Do not add sugar, the milk will be enough to sweeten. If you still need it, opt for natural sweeteners instead.

What to Accompany a Matcha Tea Latte With?

Knowing that it is a healthy vegetable drink, we are often asked what to accompany matcha tea latte with. One of the favorite options is usually to do it with a little cinnamon or vanilla powder.

Another favorite option is to prepare matcha latte with oat milk and chocolate, i.e. by adding or sprinkling cocoa powder.

However, there are people who need to add a stronger sweetener, so in that case we recommend either adding agave syrup or maple syrup.

And if you want to accompany it with something to eat, we love to make it with a delicious vegan brownie. Do you feel like it?

As you can see, preparing a matcha latte recipe is very easy and you just have to choose the one that best suits what you feel like at that moment.

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