Linden and Chamomile Infusion Benefits

Linden and Chamomile Infusion Benefits

Yes, we already know (or so we always look for in Hummingbird Tearoom), that infusions are perfect to have your own moment and that a cup of them, at any time of the day, makes your life happy.

But some infusions help you relax, others help digestion, and some lower blood cholesterol levels … That is, each infusion fulfills its function, and some of them, several at the same time, due to its properties.

There are also infusions that, combined, feel great, as is the case of lime blossom and chamomile together. They are one of the best natural remedies to relax the mind and body, especially in times of stress.

So if this is your case or, simply, you want to have a restful sleep, rest, and take care of your digestive system, do not hesitate to take an infusion of lime blossom and chamomile.

Properties of Linden Tea

Properties of Linden Tea

Surely you know the most common properties of linden, highlighting above all its relaxing effect. But, in addition, linden combats stress.

The infusion of linden is made with linden flowers and helps to control nervous conditions, thanks to the anxiolytic properties of this plant.

Properties of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is an herb used for centuries as a natural relaxation remedy, but also because it has different health benefits.

This is due to the properties of chamomile, which, as you well know, takes care of your health and, in particular, reduces stress and anxiety, but it is not the only property associated with it.

Chamomile also helps to reduce coronary problems, since by reducing the stress and anxiety mentioned above, it also reduces the chances, for example, of suffering a heart attack.

In addition, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also reduces menstrual pain, while strengthening the immune system.

Of course, we can not fail to mention that it promotes digestion, which makes it an excellent infusion to take after dinner or lunch.

Winning Combination for Our Health

Properties of Chamomile Tea

Preparing a cup that mixes a little chamomile with the same amount of linden, is the winning combination for your health, because it prevents diseases such as those mentioned above, thanks to the main benefits of each of these plants.

Plants that improve your health and, in particular, the nervous system, as well as all diseases or ailments that this produces and that we will talk about below.


Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile and the calming properties of linden, you can reduce migraine and headache problems.

Why? Because these plants improve blood circulation and reduce tension, thus relieving the pain caused by migraines, naturally.


As we said before, the combination of linden and chamomile improves blood circulation and, therefore, controls hypertension, but also the formation of thrombi, with the serious problems that this can pose to your health.

This improvement of blood circulation in your veins, in turn, reduces cardiovascular problems.

Sleep Disorders

Chamomile Tea for Sleep Disorders

It is estimated that almost 50% of the world’s population suffers from problems related to sleep disorders or, in other words, they have trouble falling asleep.

If this is your case and you want to sleep well, chamomile tea with linden is perfect for relaxing. That is why you find it within our list of infusions to sleep since they get you to have a restful rest.

The good thing about these infusions to sleep better is that being natural, they have no side effects and, therefore, are perfect to help you sleep better, both people who need help to combat insomnia, and anyone who wants to sleep better.

You know, if you want to reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular problems, mitigate pains, and immerse yourself in a pleasant relaxation that will help you rest better, prepare your chamomile and linden infusions so you can make your own relaxing beverage.

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