Is It Good to Drink Red Tea Before Going to Sleep

Is It Good to Drink Red Tea Before Going to Sleep?

Drinking red tea before bed has always been seen as something negative, but the answer is not so simple.

So, if what you want is to know if you will be able to sleep or have a restful sleep if you drink a cup of red tea before going to bed, read this article before buying red tea in our online store.

Benefits of Red Tea Before Bedtime

While it is true that it has always been said of all infusions containing theine that it is not good to take them before bedtime, let us tell you that, in this case, yes we can tell you about the benefits of red tea before bedtime.

As one of the teas about which there are more studies is green tea, in the case of red tea there are many myths.

Some of them are lies, such as that it is low in theine, and other truths, such as that it helps you fall asleep but in very specific cases.

Benefits of Red Tea Before Bedtime

We are going to tell you about the cases in which this Chinese medicinal herb helps you to do so or the reasons for doing so and which are related to the properties of red tea.

Anxiolytic Effect

Red tea contains a component, gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA, which has an anxiolytic-relaxing effect, which goes directly to the central nervous system, so it is perfect to help you calm your nerves.

Therefore, if what prevents you from falling asleep are nerves and anxiety, red tea can help calm them.

Helps Digestion

How many times have you experienced that after a large meal, you can’t fall asleep? When you drink a cup of red tea after meals, this does not happen, since one of the benefits of this drink is that it promotes digestion.

In fact, if you want to have better digestion, you can also do so by accompanying meals with red tea, instead of just water, and this promotes the secretion of gastric juices, thus improving digestion.

How to Prepare Red Tea before Going to Sleep?

Now that you know the properties of red tea that help you fall asleep and what it is good for, let us tell you how to prepare red tea before going to sleep.

First of all, you must choose your favorite variety in our online store.

How to Prepare Red Tea before Going to Sleep

When you have already chosen it and at home, boil water (250 ml per cup), and when the water comes to a boil, pour it over your cup of tea, where you will already have, in the infuser, a spoonful of red tea.

We do not advise you to pour more than one at night. Let the water infuse with the tea for 1 minute and thus avoid having all the amount of theine, but keep all the properties of red tea that we have mentioned and that are beneficial to our body.

For this, the water must be very hot, because this way, in one minute, the water will also take all the flavor of this delicious infusion.

Now you know the properties and benefits of this tea; also that it is not recommended for people who do not tolerate theine well and that red tea has a proven anxiolytic effect.

An effect that can help you maximize the relaxing effect you need when anxiety levels are sky-high and do not let you sleep regularly.

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