How To Prepare White Tea?

You have bought in your favorite store (like ours!) a quality white tea because you have heard about the many benefits that this infusion brings to the body.

And it is true, white tea is the one that offers more antioxidant properties than all teas by the amount of polyphenols it has, in this post we tell you the types that exist and the virtues of drinking it.

It is a drink known for being a powerful anti-aging, hence its notoriety, but also has a nice legend that explains its origin.

How To Prepare White Tea?

How to Make White Tea

The first thing you should take into account is the type of container you will use. It is best to use a porcelain cup with a lid or a large-capacity teapot.

The next factor you should pay attention to is the heating of the water. Many tea drinkers believe that they must boil water to make any tea and it is not true, it is something that we always explain to customers in the store and we point it out in all the posts we do about tea preparations.

In the case of white tea, you must bring the liquid to 80 degrees C to introduce the infuser to the tea.

As for the number of leaves, depending on the type of white tea, the ideal is one teaspoon per 0.15 liters of water and let infuse for 9 minutes. As it does not have as much chlorophyll or tannins as other teas, white tea is not as bitter, so it can infuse longer.

You can drink it hot or cold, depending on your taste, you can also prepare food recipes with a drink like this white tea ice cream.

We recommend drinking it without sugar or milk to appreciate its delicate nuances in the nose and mouth, especially if you drink a large amount a day as many of our customers do.

One advantage it has is that, when it is pure white tea, you can re-infuse it up to 3 times extending the infusion time each time.

White tea is a smooth and elegant drink, which has a slightly higher price than other teas due to its collection system, but it is well worth the cost.

Brew a cup, sit quietly, and enjoy with all your senses every sip of the drink, it will be a moment so delicious that it will be equivalent to a relaxation session.

Some Tips To Start Drinking White Tea

Some Tips To Start Drinking White Tea

It is usual that after reading this post, you are encouraged and go to buy white tea to start enjoying its benefits.

But if it is the first time you are going to try it, you should know that this variety of tea is the softest and lightest, much more even than green tea.

Therefore, we recommend that you start with some flavoring.

Flavored Tea

In our store you can see that we indicate the percentage it contains. We will choose an aromatization that contains less amount of white tea or is mixed with some green tea or another ingredient.

As we appreciate the softness of the infusion of this type of tea, we can choose others with a higher percentage of white tea or go to a pure one, without any type of aromatization.

The Origin Of White Tea

The Origin Of White Tea

Different stories explain how white tea came about. One of them is a Chinese legend that tells that in Fujian there was once a drought so severe that nothing could be harvested for many seasons.

At one time the region was hit by a plague that caused numerous deaths. Seeing the situation worsen, the elders recommended fetching a sacred plant that grew next to a dragon’s well.

The belief was that the juice of this plant would restore fertility to the land and cure the sick.

Many brave young men set off to the mountain, in search of this miraculous plant, but none of them returned alive.

Two brothers and a sister decided to go in search of it. The eldest was the first to go but did not return. The second brother met the same fate. Finally, the younger sister decided to go out in search of her brothers and the plant.

When she got there, she found that the dragon had turned the men to stone. Thanks to her cunning she managed to steal the plant from the dragon and kill him with an arrow.

With a few drops of the sacred plant, he brought the men back to life and they all returned to the village. There they planted the seeds. The land became fertile again and the sick were healed.

Best Way to Make White Tea

From that day on, all the plants in Fujian, where white tea is grown today, were made of tea.

Another story explains that white tea appeared when some leaves carried by the wind fell into a pot that Emperor Shen Nong was boiling.

Legends aside, the truth is that white tea is a delicate and complex beverage with numerous benefits in addition to the pleasure of savoring its subtle taste. To get the most out of it you must prepare it in the right way, this way you will get all its properties.

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Please visit this FDA website to clear any confusions you have about food and dietary products and their ingredients:

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER cannot and does not contain medical/health advice. The medical/health information is provided for general and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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