How to Make Matcha Tea

How to Make Matcha Tea?

Infusions are an excellent remedy for some deficiencies that the body may have. They are usually very healthy drinks and, contrary to what much of society thinks, some recipes can have very appetizing flavors.

Matcha tea is one of them: it has a delicious taste and can be drunk both hot and cold, so it is recommended for all seasons of the year.

Ways To Make Matcha Tea

Although there are different variants and types of matcha tea, it generally contains very few ingredients, is very inexpensive, and is very easy to obtain. In addition, this infusion has very interesting properties that make it a drink with many benefits for your health. Find out how to make matcha tea and what are ingredients needed to make the recipe by reading this article.


  • 1 g matcha tea powder
  • 150 ml hot water
  • 75 ml of milk (optional)

The first step to making matcha tea is to get a quality matcha green tea. You can buy it in online or physical stores, but, first, pay special attention to the price, since it is an expensive product and you barely need 1 gram for the elaboration.

If you already have the tea, heat the water in a pot. When it reaches 80 ºC or 170 ºF, it will be ready, so it is recommended that you check the temperature with a thermometer. If you don’t have one, it will be enough to prevent the water from boiling.

Is Matcha Tea Hard To Make

Add the hot water to the Chawan, i.e. the traditional bowl-shaped tea cup that is often used to prepare homemade matcha tea. Beforehand, rinse the Chawan several times with hot water so that the cup is completely clean before using it. You can also make it in a conventional round-bottomed bowl.

Use the Chashaku spoon, i.e. the bamboo measuring spoon that scoops out the precise amount of matcha tea. Add two doses of tea with the Chashaku if you want the tea to have an intense flavor, or just one if you prefer it milder.

Next, dilute the tea in the water with a Chasen, a kind of brush made from a piece of bamboo wood, which is essential for dissolving matcha tea. To use it properly, whisk the inside of the Chawan with M or W movements, but never in a circular motion. In just 30 seconds, you will have completely diluted the matcha tea with the characteristic emerald-colored foam.

After whipping the ingredients in the Chawan and having the diluted tea ready, it is ready to serve. Now that you have it ready, drink it quickly to prevent the tea from settling to the bottom of the cup. No matter how much you shake and stir it, it will settle in a short time.

How To Make Matcha Tea The Right Way

If you want to know how to make hot matcha tea with milk, also known as matcha latte, change the amount of water: add half (75 ml) and mix it with another 75 ml of milk (whole, skimmed, semi-skimmed or vegetable oat or rice milk). In this case, heat the milk until it comes to a boil, and then sprinkle the matcha tea on top.

If, on the other hand, you wish to prepare a cold matcha tea, the brewing process is similar to that of hot tea. Just use the same amount of water but cold, double the amount of tea and ice cubes and you have your iced matcha tea!

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