How to Fight Reflux with Medicinal Plants

How to Fight Reflux with Medicinal Plants

Do you suffer from gastric reflux regularly? Do you not want to continue taking medication and prefer to opt for natural alternatives?

We suggest you fight the discomfort of reflux with medicinal plants. Reflux is caused by acid produced by the stomach and travels into the esophagus, which usually produces many and varied discomforts. Whatever the cause, we will tell you how to fight reflux with medicinal plants.

The symptoms of gastric reflux are very annoying, they usually include burning that goes from the abdomen to the chest and even the throat, regurgitation with a bitter taste, belching, nausea, hiccups, vomiting blood, and even dark stools.

These are very unpleasant discomforts and if they tend to be frequent, it is normal that you want to look for an alternative remedy to traditional medicine.


Mallow Medical Plants For Reflux

One of the best herbs to fight gastric reflux is mallow. Its root contains mucilage that helps protect the esophagus, covering it with a protective barrier against stomach acid.

You can take it in pill form sold in herbalist shops or you can take it by dissolving the root powder in two glasses of water. If you use the latter format, you will have to let it sit overnight and drink the liquid the next day.

Have in mind that if you are taking any medication, mallow can negatively influence its effects, so you should consult your doctor beforehand.


Turmeric Medical Plants For Reflux

Another highly recommended natural remedy to treat the discomfort caused by gastric reflux is turmeric. The greatest thing about it is that with mere contact you can feel relief from the pain caused.

The best way to take it is by gargling, mixing two small spoonfuls with hot water and salt, and you will immediately notice relief in your stomach and throat.


Licorice Medical Plants For Reflux

A plant that also helps to improve reflux symptoms is the well-known licorice, especially if you take it in tablet form. You will feel immediate relief from all ailments. You should be cautious if you have hypertension problems because this plant can affect blood pressure.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Medicinal Plants For Reflux

Another great natural remedy for reflux is aloe vera. With this plant you can fight stomach acidity, if you have a plant at home you can cut a piece of the plant, about the size of a pill, remove the skin and wash it with cold water.

You can take it with water, half an hour before breakfast and also at night before going to sleep. This is a treatment for one week, then you can reduce to a single intake on an empty stomach. Another way to take aloe is in capsule form, but they mustn’t have aloin, because it is a potent laxative.

Ginger and Chamomile Infusion

Ginger and Chamomile Infusion Medicinal Plants For Reflux

The last remedy in natural format is ginger with chamomile. Taking an infusion of ginger with chamomile is a good way to fight heartburn, and protect the stomach, it can even help prevent the formation of ulcers.

Chamomile also has a great power to reduce stomach inflammation. So between the two, they are a perfect natural remedy to combat gastric reflux.

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