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How Much Green Tea Can I Drink Per Day?

If you wonder how much green tea to take a day, but you had not dared to ask when buying tea, stay because we are going to tell you everything you need to know about green tea and how to enjoy your cup, at the time of day you take it.

Because this infusion of Chinese origin is one of the most consumed and each cup of tea has some properties that you deserve to take advantage of when buying green tea in our online store.

What Are the Effects of Green Tea Consumption?

Yes, the first thing we want to tell you is what are the effects of green tea consumption, since the properties of green tea are very broad.

So much so, that due to the benefits and properties of this type of tea, the same is within the list of medicinal beverages, of course, because it is considered to have medicinal properties.

To enjoy these properties, the consumption of green tea has to be regular and continuous. Of course. As one of its characteristics is that it contains theine, we recommend moderate consumption.

And, now, we give you the list of properties and contraindications that you have to take into account when taking this drink in any of its varieties.

Green Tea Benefits
Green Tea Benefits


The benefits of green tea are widely known. But, undoubtedly, among its many benefits is that it helps to lose weight, although, in reality, it helps reduce fluid retention, to eliminate toxins from the body and this makes it have a greater effect in slimming diets or when someone is doing sports, to burn fat faster.


Despite all the benefits, when you drink more cups than recommended per day, the contraindications of green tea may appear in the form of side effects, especially depending on your state of health.

Therefore, we recommend that you avoid drinking green tea if you are pregnant, or have low blood pressure or iron problems. This is because the possible side effects of green tea are: low blood pressure, problems in the development of the fetus, or iron absorption problems.

In case you do not feel identified with any of the above situations and to avoid possible effects of green tea, harmful to your health, do not drink more than 2 or 3 cups a day.

How Many Cups of Green Tea Can Be Taken Daily?

Yes, the next question is always: how many cups of green tea can be drunk daily? Because depending on the amount of green tea you consume and your health, the side effects will affect you or not.

The amount of cups of green tea that can be consumed per day, if you are not in any of the situations mentioned above, is two or three cups.

You know that you can prepare green tea in bulk, adding one or two teaspoons, or green tea in bags, in this case, one will be enough.

In some cases, you could take up to 4, if you see that it does not affect you or if you infuse it little, but never more than five cups of tea a day.

Recommendations to Get the Most Benefits from Green Tea

Now that you know the number of cups you can take a day, take note of the recommendations to get the most benefits from taking any of the varieties of green tea that we put at your disposal.

In our online store, you will find organic green tea.

To prepare green tea you need 250 ml of water for each cup of tea, and this is hot.

If you do not want it with hot water, you can also drink the green tea cold, adding a few ice cubes or letting it cool in the refrigerator.

Remember that to enjoy the multiple benefits of green tea consumption, consumption should be moderate.

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