How Long Does Brewed Tea Last Without Losing Its Properties

How Long Does Brewed Tea Last Without Losing Its Properties?

Although tea (in any of its varieties) is a beverage that can be preserved for quite a long time, once it has been prepared, it should ideally be consumed within 24 hours of its infusion so that it does not lose its properties.

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For this reason, it is not advisable to prepare large quantities for its preservation.

How long does brewed tea last without losing its properties?

One of the most recurrent questions that people ask us is about the conservation of tea.

More precisely, it refers to how long tea lasts once it has been prepared (any variety) without losing its properties and benefits.

This is because many people intend to prepare a good amount of tea to store it and consume it gradually.

We are sorry to say it for all those who operate in this way, but tea is a beverage that, besides being enjoyed in a better taste, preserves its properties the more recently it is drunk.

Moreover, the usual recommendations speak of not reserving it for more than 24 hours if you want to enjoy all its properties, in addition to its taste qualities.

Those who do not care so much about preserving its properties can have a good tea prepared for three days.

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But it is worth repeating the same point: freshly brewed tea is always best for consumption.

Or, in any case, do not leave it for more than one day, as we have already pointed out. It is worth the warning not to reheat it, but rather keep it at room temperature or keep it in a device capable of preserving the heat.

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