Green and Red Tea Diet for Weight Loss

Green and Red Tea Diet for Weight Loss

Being overweight and obese is one of the biggest health problems today. 50% of the population suffers from obesity and up to 80% are overweight.

Unhealthy diets and sedentary routines are the leading causes of these weight disorders in people, which can lead to other pathologies such as type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

To achieve an adequate weight and a good state of health, it is highly recommended to do medium or high-intensity exercise at least three times a week and, above all, to maintain a healthy and stable diet, so that our body has all the necessary nutrients to perform its functions correctly and no alteration in weight occurs, which can prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Tea is a powerful ally to losing extra kilos within a healthy diet. That is why from we explain what is the diet of green and red tea to lose weight.

Properties and Benefits of Green Tea

Properties and Benefits of Green Tea

Infusions have a great number of beneficial effects on health, besides being an ideal complement to include in diets, especially in the case of green tea and red tea. Green tea, besides being an excellent antioxidant for our body, contains great properties and benefits for our body, such as:

Properties and Benefits of Red Tea

Red tea is also an option to include in a diet aimed at reducing body weight, as its multiple benefits help to do so. The properties and benefits of red tea are very similar to those of green tea:

It is recommended to drink three cups a day of red or green tea, included in the diet as explained below. It is also advisable to sweeten with cinnamon or some other type of spice so as not to resort to sugar or saccharin.

A Healthy Diet with Green Tea and Red Tea

A Healthy Diet with Green Tea and Red Tea

Here is a perfect plan to include green tea and red tea in your diet in order to lose weight.


For the first meal of the day have a cup of red or green tea accompanied by a medium-sized piece of fruit (about 150 grams), avoiding those with a lot of sugars such as banana or mango. Add a toast of wholemeal bread with sugar-free jam, and if you prefer something salty you can opt for a slice of turkey with skimmed cheese.


Accompany a piece of fruit of about 150 grams or 200 grams of vegetables (such as carrot or celery) with a cup of green or red tea.

The key to the meal is to always include in it the main macronutrients. That is why it is necessary that carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats are present on your plate. Take 200 grams of steamed vegetables or salad, plus 150 grams of meat, fish, legumes, or an egg accompanied by two medium-sized boiled or baked potatoes or 60 grams of rice or pasta, or bread. For dessert, opt for a low-fat dairy product.


Choose another fruit that you like of about 150 grams and drink another cup of green or red tea.

When to Drink Green Tea And Red Tea


For the last meal of the day you have to repeat the same pattern as at lunchtime. You need to take in the main macronutrients, although carbohydrates to a lesser extent. So accompany your 200 gr of vegetables (which can be mashed) and your 100 gr of meat, fish, or an egg with a boiled potato or 40 gr of bread. You can finish with a skimmed dairy product.

Remember to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Leave only 2-3 hours between each meal to avoid slowing down your metabolism. And always follow your doctor’s instructions when you go on any type of diet.

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