Drying Medicinal Herbs

Do Herbal Teas Expire?

We have customers who choose us for the quality of our teas because they fall in love with the aroma of our organic tea selection.

Some have been doing it for years and others are new to it every week. But do you know what question they always ask at some point? Yes, the same question you are asking yourself today: do herbal teas expire?

No, infusions do not expire, but they do have a best-before date, and, above all, it is important that they are well preserved from the moment they arrive at your home so that they do not lose all their properties.

We are going to see all this calmly in the following lines.

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How Long Do Infusions Last?

Surely you have also ever wondered how long herbal teas last and have looked for the expiration date, but otherwise, you have found the best before date.

And is that no, infusions, as I said, do not expire, but they do lose some of their properties over time, such as the loss of aroma.

So if you have ever thought of consulting with the manufacturer because you could not find the expiration date of the tea, now you know the reason.

Is It Possible to Drink Expired Infusions?

Yes, you can take expired infusions, because as I indicate, this does not mean that they are expired and, therefore, they will be bad for you, but what they do is that they lose properties.

In any case, what we do recommend that you do is check the box in which you have the tea, to make sure that no moisture has entered it, as well as the storage place where you keep the tea or herbs.

After a while, you may notice that the color of the herbs is no longer the same. If that’s all it is, go ahead, you can take them because you will get the same benefits.

However, make sure that no insects have entered the product, because they will damage the tea.

Now let’s see how to preserve infusions. The first thing to keep in mind is how to store dried herbs. This has to be done in a cool, dry place so that they do not lose properties and protect from insects, the sachet, or bulk aromatic plants.

Make sure it is a place without humidity so that the aroma can be preserved (even if it diminishes) and maintain the medicinal properties and the benefits they provide, despite the passing of the months.

In addition, it is important to keep them in a dark place and, whenever you can, in a container with an airtight seal.

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Yes, infusions that are expired or past their best-before date can be consumed without a problem. You will only have to take into account the advice we have given you so far regarding conservation.

When preparing an infusion, make sure it does not have any insects and take into account the type of plant it is or the variety it comes from, so that you can take the perfect infusion, depending on the minutes of rest and water temperature you need.

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