Benefits of Mixing Different Types of Infusions

Can You Mix Two Tea Infusions?

Surely it has happened to you too: you try a tea, you enjoy it and the next order, you add a new infusion. You like both so much that you don’t know which one to choose.

Then, you think that the mixture of both herbs can be good and you try a cup and you like the result so much that you enjoy that combination every day, not only for its flavor but also for its properties.

That is what happens when you mix different types of herbs. That’s why, when we are asked if we can mix two infusions, we always answer that, of course, even some more. We do it ourselves.

That is why today we dedicate an article to this question so that you know different possible combinations between different types of teas.

Do Infusions Lose Their Properties When Blended?

Do Infusions Lose Their Properties When Blended

It is always said that blends, that is, mixtures of different herbs, are not good because the properties of the infusions are lost when mixed.

However, in Aromas de Té we have more than proven that this is not so. On the contrary, they can even be better to reduce certain common health problems, but it is important to know what infusions or types of herbs you are going to combine so that they do not lose their properties in doing so.

If you do not know which infusions can be mixed, take note of the different varieties of tea that we are going to talk about below, so that you can buy infusions and make the best blends.

Black Tea

Mixing Black Tea With Infusions

Buying black tea is a good option and the properties of black tea are innumerable and can be combined without any problem with the following herbs:

Green tea: to give it a good flavor and a more refreshing touch and make this infusion a more diuretic one.

Mint: with the same objective as the previous one, in addition, it also helps to improve digestion, reduces halitosis, and, above all, contains less theine than the previous combination.

Spices: such as cardamom, ginger, turmeric, cloves, black pepper, or cinnamon, which are the spices used to make the famous chai tea.

Other products: above all, acid fruits such as lemon, red fruits, oranges, or apples. It also goes very well with dried fruits or licorice.

All these infusions make black tea more digestive, and antioxidant and, above all, soften the strong taste that is not to everyone’s liking.

Green Tea

Mixing Green Tea With Infusions

You can also buy green tea, which is much softer than black tea, and can be combined perfectly with:

White tea: in addition to softening the flavor of green tea even more, it makes it more diuretic and antioxidant. Perfect for skin care.

Red tea: to make a detox effect after meals and help you burn fat, besides being very cleansing.

Jasmine: This plant gives an extremely pleasant aroma, which also penetrates the palate.

It is not for all tastes, but if you like this herb, it will help you relax mid-afternoon or mid-morning, without putting you to sleep, as other infusions such as lime blossom can do.

Red Tea

Mixing Red Tea With Infusions

We love the combination of red tea with ginger, because it is perfect to drink at any time of the day, except after 5 or 6 pm, if the theine affects sleep. When you buy red tea you will benefit from:

  • Reduces the somewhat harsh taste of red tea.
  • Provides natural energy
  • The fat-burning effect is greater
  • It helps to take better care of the heart
  • Further improves digestion and everything related to the digestive system.

In addition, it also combines great in terms of flavor with:

  • Red fruits
  • Cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla
  • Nuts and dried fruits

Benefits of Mixing Different Types of Infusions

The benefits of mixing different types of infusions vary depending on the different types of blends, as you have seen.

Benefits of Mixing Different Types of Infusions

Therefore, it is important to know how to combine with the best herbs and, for that, nothing like having experts in the field, as the people who attend you in Hummingbird Tearoom, we tell you what the benefits, properties, and effects of each of them are.

You just tell us what you need. For example, you can tell us that you need a mixture of teas that help you eliminate liquids. We will give you what you provide and other multiple benefits, as they are considered natural remedies.

We can also help you if what you need are combinations to mix herbs, but you are afraid that they have theine in high quantities. This is a very common consultation.


As you can see, it is possible to consume blends without reducing the properties of pure teas.

But in order to drink several types of tea and have a moderate consumption of theine, it is always better to mix different types that are not from the same infusion, or even not from the same plant (for example, green tea and licorice).

You can also mix several types of tea with theine, but take it only in the morning and leave it for a short time, so that the degree of theine is not as high as if you leave it for the recommended time for the tea that contains the most theine.

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