Can I Drink Green Tea with Milk

Can I Drink Green Tea with Milk?

Surely more than once you have heard the combination of tea with milk, since the English drink it a lot this way. However, do they drink green tea with milk?

No, as a general rule, they usually drink their cup of tea with black tea. On the other hand, it is more common to drink cups of red tea with milk. The two are the most frequent combinations, and the truth is that it is delicious.

And if when buying green tea you want to drink this infusion with milk, what happens? You can do it since there is no contraindication to health; it is rather a matter of taste.

However, green tea indeed is one of the infusions that is not recommended to combine with milk. Below we tell you the reasons and how you can consume this drink combined with milk, to enjoy it to the fullest.

Is It Advisable to Drink Green Tea with Milk?

Is It Advisable to Drink Green Tea with Milk

If you also wonder if drinking green tea with milk is advisable, let us tell you that concerning health, it has no contraindications.

However, in terms of properties, characteristics, and benefits, it does have its pros and cons.

As for the properties of tea with milk, several scientific studies point out that, when mixed with green tea, the former could reduce the bioavailability of some green tea compounds, such as antioxidants, due to the protein present in animal milk.

So that we understand each other better: if you want to enjoy the main benefits of green tea, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improving the appearance of the skin, or helping fight certain types of cancer or Alzheimer’s, better drink your cup of green tea without milk.

In addition, it will also change the taste of the drink and its color (not the most pleasant combination, visually speaking), but neither its aroma nor its nutrients change.

For the taste to change as little as possible, it is best to use soft milk that does not have much fat, for the reason we mentioned above, so it will always be better to use vegetable milk (oat and soy, mainly), compared to animal milk.

Of course, in this case, you lose one of the benefits of tea with milk, which is that it is usually satiating, something that vegetable milk does not get so much.

If, in addition, you usually like to sweeten your infusions, it is better to add natural sweeteners, such as natural sugars contained in almond milk.

Preparing Green Tea with Milk

Preparing Green Tea with Milk

Now that you know that you can take this combination, we will explain how to prepare green tea with milk.

The steps of the recipe to prepare green tea with milk are very simple and it is not necessary to have special knowledge, just the ingredients that we are going to give you below, choose the variety that you like from our online store and prepare this easy recipe every day.


To make the tea with milk you only need two ingredients:

Green tea: the variety you like best.

Milk: the best are the vegetable ones for these cases, unless we are talking about matcha tea, where the milk of animal origin is great, and leaves a very pleasant flavor, in addition to a very nice color and is a very healthy variety.


For the preparation of this drink, follow the step by step that we going to tell you below:

Put water over low heat to warm.

How to Make Green Tea with Milk

Add a tablespoon of green tea to your cup of tea and pour the hot water over it.

Now it’s time to add a cloud of milk

Let it steep for a couple of minutes

Now you can enjoy your green tea with milk, to the taste of the milk you like best.

Green Tea Recipes with Different Types of Milk

There are almost as many recipes for green tea with milk as there are different types of milk on the market.

As we have already said, you can use milk of animal origin or milk of vegetable origin. We recommend the latter to drink green tea.

In order of preference, the best combination is that of green tea with oat milk, since this type of milk has hardly any flavor and looks great. Otherwise, you can also opt for almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and even milk and cinnamon.

Whole milk is only recommended for matcha tea if, for example, you want to prepare a tea ceremony in your own style.

Other ingredients you can add to this combination are spices such as cloves, ginger, or vanilla.

Green Tea Recipes with Different Types of Milk

What about sweeteners? There are people who add sugar, but we invite you to try drinking it plain.

The natural flavor of this infusion with theine is brutal, especially if you go to buy tea in Aromas of Tea, where you find different types of green tea that provide you with vitamins and minerals, so it is recommended to take several cups of tea a day.

It is important, with respect to this last point, that you do not exceed the amount of 3 cups a day so that it does not harm your body.

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