Benefits of Lemon-Ginger Tea Before Bed

Benefits of Lemon-Ginger Tea Before Bed

Working too many hours in front of a computer, bad eating habits, and insufficient exercise might cause trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the night.

Sleep deficiency can lead to constant tiredness, nausea, and anxiety, which cause further problems like stress disorders and autoimmune diseases, and other unwanted ailments.

Natural tonics such as lemon-ginger tea before bed can induce sleep in adult individuals seeking continuous night rest.

Benefits of Lemon-Ginger Tea

Creating healthy habits like drinking tea every day can significantly change the way you feel, look, and interact with the environment.

A healthy and rested body means a healthy mental being, increased productivity, and enhanced performance in every sphere of life.

Between 10% and 30% of adult Americans have problems falling asleep, so if you’re among them, you might find the following text useful.

Benefits of Lemon-Ginger Tea Before Bedtime

  • Improves Digestion

Both lemon and ginger are great tummy soothing agents packed with properties that help slow intestinal flow move around and release stomach discomfort and gases.

The combination of these two also aids in faster digestion of food, which additionally helps people have quality sleep.

Lemon-Ginger Tea
  • Alleviates Nausea

Ginger’s most active compound is called gingerol and it is the one responsible for stopping nausea, especially in pregnant women. Ginger-lemon tea hasn’t shown any side effects during pregnancy, so it’s considered a safe soothing tonic at that stage of life.

Nausea caused by any other factor such as chemotherapy can also be alleviated with ginger-lemon tea before bedtime.

  • Alleviates Nasal Congestion

Lemon-ginger tea is an aromatic infusion, perfect for flu/cold and allergy seasons when people experience severe congestion.

Thanks to the intense smell of the vapor released from hot lemon-ginger tea, nasal congestion disappears in no time and allows people to breathe freely during the night.

Ginger Lemon Tea
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Gingerol in ginger and the high levels of vitamin C in lemon are loaded with antioxidants that combat chronic inflammation in the body.

When the body undergoes chronic inflammation, it’s more prone to developing diseases such as many types of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and even various heart diseases.

Calming the inflammations means reducing the chances of getting some serious illness.

Ginger Lemon Tea Benefits
  • Aids Proper Hydration

Many times water is not enough to hydrate our body and we need an extra boost to keep our metabolic functions at a high level with the aromatic cup of lemon-ginger infusion.

All our vital organs like the heart, kidneys, and gut need constant hydration to function properly, and by having a lemon-ginger tea at bedtime you are assuring an excellent source of liquid packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

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Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe

Lemon-Ginger Tea Recipe


  • A slice of ginger (the size depends on how strong you like your tea but 1 inch is enough per cup)
  • 1/2 lemon, quartered or sliced
  • Honey


  1. Add lemon and ginger into a saucepan with a cup of water, simmer, and let it steep for 15 minutes.
  2. Strain and sweeten with a tsp of honey.

Final Word

Whenever having a problem sleeping try remembering this excellent lemon-ginger elixir and enjoy a cup before bedtime.

It will calm you down, soothe your gut work, reduce inflammation, and even unclog your nasal passages so you can breathe freely even during the worst flu days.

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